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Our comprehensive range of electrical interconnect and automation products allows us to provide you with efficient solutions for every project.



Entdecken Sie die Highlights aus der Verbindungs- und Automatisierungstechnik sowie der Interface Electronic.

Electrical Interconnections

Secure Pluggable Connections Easily

Secure Attachment with the WAGO WINSTA® Mounting Adapter for Flying Leads

Increased Touch Protection for Easily Accessible Areas

WAGO's Line of WINSTA® MINI Installation Connectors Offers IP40 Protection

Portfolio Expansion of the TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block with Lever

The new TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with levers, with a rated cross-section of 4 mm2, complement the existing WAGO rail-mount terminal block portfolio in the through terminal block area.


WAGO Mini Terminal Blocks TOPJOB® S in a Compact Footprint

The WAGO Mini Terminal Block TOPJOB® S is now available with a nominal cross-section of 1 mm2 with full functionality.


New Pluggable 252 Series PCB Terminal Block

A compact 2-conductor PCB connector with pin connection from above joins WAGO’s 252 Series PCB Terminal Blocks.

One Potential, Even More Clamping Points

WAGO’s 221 Series Adjacent Jumper increases the number of clamping points on one potential.


Electronic Interface

Automation Technology

Industrial Switches

Energy Efficient, Scalable and More Flexible

WAGO Lighting Management with New Functions for Even More Application Possibilities.

MM-14418_Lichtmanagement_ graphic LIM WebVisu_2000x1125_.jpg

PFC200 Controllers Now with Four ETHERNET Ports

Two additional interfaces offer more connectivity and additional freedom.

Retrofit BACnet Functionality

BACnet/IP Firmware Extension for PFC200 and Touch Panels 600

Two Worlds – One Controller

WAGO’s new PFC200 Controller offers open and easy automation.

An Analog Jack-of-All-Trades

WAGO offers a new, freely-configurable and high-resolution 4-channel analog output module.

Intelligent Light Control

WAGO's DALI Multi-Master is certified according to the DALI-2 standard.



Entdecken Sie weitere innovative Neuheiten von WAGO


Senkrechte Leitereinführung ganz einfach mit TOPJOB®S-Doppelstockklemmen

Die Reihenklemmen TOPJOB® S stehen seit Jahren für einen sicheren und wartungsfreien Anlagenbetrieb in diversen Industrieanwendungen sowie in der modernen Gebäudeinstallation.

Interface Electronic

Für wirtschaftliche Stromversorgung: EPSITRON® ECO Power

Mit den neuen Geräten EPSITRON® ECO Power (787-2742 und 787-2744) bietet WAGO eine Reihe wirtschaftlicher Stromversorgungen für DC-24V-Standardanwendungen zur Tragschienenmontage.


Ganzheitlicher Ansatz: von der Feldebene bis in die Cloud

Alles aus einer Hand: Neben den IoT-Controllern PFC100 und PFC200 erweitert WAGO sein digitales Leistungsportfolio mit der neuen WAGO Cloud Data Control.


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The power of innovation, courage, endurance, and our engineers’ numerous innovations have created a system that is able to change. This drive has lead to continuous enhancement that is by no means complete. WAGO proves this time and again with its new products.