Efficient Energy Management

Efficiency is That Easy!

Regardless of the maturity of your energy management system, a good system adapts to your requirements and provides new insights into potential savings at every level within your operations.

WAGO offers versatile solutions for both your department and your company’s comprehensive energy management plan. No matter what your goal is – from merely meeting legal obligations to reducing energy costs – we can support you in making the most of your operation's potential. This help spans from monitoring to the identification of suitable measures.

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Video Clips

Simply More Efficient – Why?
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Energy Data Management

Record, Visualize and Analyze Energy Data – Individual, Simple and Expandable


WAGO Energy Data Management – Efficiency Is That Easy!

The complete WAGO Energy Data Management (EDM) Smart Solution consists of a modular control system combined with a web-based application software.

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Modular Energy Data Collection

The Right Solution for Every Step

The best energy management solution is the one that adapts to you. WAGO offers you several possibilities for this. With our energy management system, you can save a great deal of energy in production, industrial processes and buildings.


Process Optimization via the Cloud

More and more companies are using the computer cloud to visualize and archive their energy and process data. Or, they employ artificial cloud intelligence to develop efficient new operation and maintenance strategies based on these values. Cybersecurity is always present in these trends.

Standards and Laws

The Auditors Are Getting Stricter

As of October 2017, new standards for energy management systems are in force for the ISO 50000 standard series. Companies should document more precisely how they improve their energy efficiency. We can explain to you how to meet the requirements – and deliver the solutions to do so.


Helping our customers

Measure, Control, Save

Andechser Molkerei Scheitz, a dairy processing company, requires detailed, informative data for their energy management. So they rely on measurement technology innovation from WAGO.


Energy Data Management for Wood-Fired Systems

The energy transition has brought both challenges and also new opportunities, as Endress Holzfeuerungsanlagen GmbH has proven.


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Product Overview

Products and Technologies for Your Applications


JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners

WAGO's RTD threshold value switch for RTD sensors, potentiometers and resistors monitors and reports signals of up to two switching thresholds.


Voltage Taps

Just one turn – no tools required: WAGO's 855 Series Voltage Taps easily and safely tap a fuse-protected measurement voltage from an insulated conductor.


Rogowski Coil

WAGO's 855 Series Rogowski Coil is a closed-air coil with a non-magnetic split core.


Split-Core Current Transformers (855 Series)

WAGO's compact 855 Series Split-Core Current Transformers are ideal for retrofitting existing systems.


3-Phase Power Measurement Modules

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 offers a comprehensive range of perfectly tuned solutions for your energy measurement applications.


PFC200 Controller

Thanks to CODESYS 3 and Linux®, the efficient controller for your automation – including higher cyber security standards for dependable design, control and visualization of your project.


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Digitalization with WAGO

Digitalization and networking offer great opportunities. However, to get the most from them, every company has to do its homework. And of course, the challenges are just as varied as the companies themselves. While there is no such thing as an all-in-one solution, smart products, methods and partners will help you advance digitalization in your business in a way that benefits all involved.