Alarm and Monitoring

Collecting, processing and visualizing data, as well as generating alarms – routine, yet important, tasks that the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM easily handles. For the alarm and monitoring area, we've developed both the right products and smart solutions. Expect more overview on board.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Modular and distributed system
  • Bus-independent and scalable solutions
  • Network technology and automation from a single source

WAGO in Marine Applications

Alarm and Monitoring Solutions

Our solutions for alarms and monitoring have proven their value across the world's seas and under the toughest conditions.

All Signals in View – Ship Monitoring with WAGO Products

  • Collecting, processing, visualizing and generating alarms.
  • Any conceivable configuration can be implemented in different
  • network topologies with the modular components from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.
  • Completely customized solutions are implemented with our comprehensive automation product range.
  • The e!COCKPIT engineering platform provides support throughout the entire life cycle.
  • Process alarm and monitoring systems with up to 10,000 measurement points.

See our Solutions at Work

WAGO has already implemented many exciting projects in the alarm and monitoring area. Read about the most recent here.

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More Marine and Offshore Solutions

Whether Maritime 4.0, propulsion control or tank ballast and cargo management – WAGO offers solutions for every challenge at sea.

Propulsion Control

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Intelligent automation solutions also belong to the shipping of the future. Stay on the safe side with WAGO's solutions.

Tank Ballast & Cargo Management

In Perfect Balance

Maintaining stability in rough seas is vital for freighters. Here, reliable tank ballast systems are the key – with solutions from WAGO.

Deck Handling & Cranes

Around-the-Clock Safety

Maintenance-free – and safe – solutions to keep tugboats and cranes ready for action at any time: WAGO's solutions prove their strengths even under the most adverse conditions.

Cabin Automation

Comfort with Safety

WAGO's cost-effective, reliable connection solutions form the electrical basis for onboard amenities.


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