Mandatory Data/Information for the Online Ordering Process

Dated: October 25, 2017

1. Individual Technical Steps That Lead to the Conclusion of an Agreement, and Input Errors

To make an online order, you must first log in. You then add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart.

Once you have “collected” all of the items in this manner that you wish to purchase, go to the shopping cart and confirm that you wish to continue. You will then be shown an overview of your order again. This allows you to check all your data again. Here, you can change any of the data and the delivery address stored for you, but not the billing address, and can also identify and correct and incorrect or outdated data.

When you click the button “Order now with charges,” you are actually entering into a binding obligation to order the products to which the valid version of our General Sales and Delivery Conditions apply. You will receive an order confirmation by email, and we then review your order. You will then receive further information stating that we have received and accepted your order. The agreement is not officially concluded until this statement of acceptance has been issued.

2. Saving the Agreement Text

We do not save the agreement text in the form of a website displayed to you. Your order is instead encoded and saved in our database. You can access any order at any time using the Order History function in the Log-in area.

3. Languages for Concluding an Agreement

Within our German online shop, you may only conduct business in German.