Including manufacturers, retailers or wholesalers who has a trading account with WAGO UK. 
More than 25,000 WAGO products – wherever and whenever you need them. As a WAGO online customer, get information about our products at any time, order directly and take advantage of WAGO's additional online services (Authorised business account only). See for yourself.

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Your Benefits as a Registered and Authorised User

Non-Registered UsersRegistered UsersRegistered Users with a Trading Account
Create watchlistxxx
Create product comparisonsxxx
Request quotesxxx
Request samplesxxx
Request a printed catalogxxx
Search for local WAGO representativesxxx
Search for wholesalers nearbyxxx
Expertise search for WAGO Solution Providersxxx
Download various types of product documentationxxx
Generate a data sheet with all technical informationxxx
Request seminars and trainingxxx
See most recently viewed productsxxx
Populate shopping cart from your own listxxx
Generate your shopping cart as PDFxxx
Create up to 10 individual watchlists xx
Save individual watchlists xx
Save product comparisons xx
Manage your own data xx
Check availability xx
Order products online (upon request)  x
View individualized purchase prices  x
View cross-channel order history  x
Track orders  x

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1. Choose password and confirm email address
2. Complete your data and get authorised