Controllers 750

For small control tasks: WAGO's 750 Series Controllers are ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from industrial, process and building automation to measurement and data collection.

These controllers ideally combine real-time requirements with IT functionality. They support MODBUS/TCP and ETHERNET/IP for use in industrial environments. HTTP, SNTP, SNMP, FTP, DHCP, DNS and other protocols simplify integration into IT environments. Integrated Web pages and Web-based visualization provide IT applications with real-time process data. Furthermore, the 750 Series Controllers incorporate library functions for email, SOAP, ASP, IP configuration, ETHERNET sockets and file system.

Your benefits with the Controllers 750:

  • Controllers for all prominent fieldbus systems
  • Expandable with the comprehensive WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 product range
  • Extensive IT integration possibilities

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What Makes the 750 Series Controllers Successful

Telecontrol protocols

Standardized IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850 or IEC 61400-25 telecontrol protocols allow the 750 Series Controllers to be used in telecontrol applications.

Worldwide Approvals

International approvals for building and industrial automation, as well as the process and marine industries, guarantee worldwide use – even under harsh operating conditions. These recognitions include: ATEX, BR-Ex, IECEx, UL508, UL ANSI/ISA and numerous marine certifications.

Modular and Expandable

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 makes it possible to expand fieldbus controllers to almost any input/output interface. A modular, DIN-rail-mount design permits easy installation, expansion and modification of the I/O node without tools. The straightforward design prevents installation errors. In addition, proven CAGE CLAMP® technology offers fast, vibration-proof and maintenance-free connections that are independent of operator skill. Depending on the I/O module’s granularity, field levels can be directly wired using 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology.

Maximum Reliability and Ruggedness

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is also engineered and tested in accordance with the highest standards for use in demanding environments subjected to temperature cycling, shock/vibration loading and ESD. Spring pressure connection technology guarantees continuous operation. Integrated QA measures in the production process and 100% function testing ensure consistent quality.


Building Automation

Thanks to specific characteristics, controllers for the BACnet/IP and KNX IP bus systems are optimized for building automation. The diverse product range of I/O modules allows integration of external systems such as lighting control (DALI), sun protection (SMI), wireless switches (EnOcean) and much more.


Marine Systems and Onshore/Offshore Installations

International approvals coupled with industry-specific features permit use in shipbuilding and other harsh sectors. Addressing requirements inherent in specific industries and operating environments has enabled use on marine diesels and in the EMC-sensitive area of a vessel’s bridge. Because the requirements are significantly greater for immunity to interference or emission of interference, along with superior mechanical performance in these sensitive areas, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM can readily meet the needs of other industries.


Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

The comprehensive selection of I/O modules for different potentials and signal types saves time and money as the sensors/actuators can be wired directly – even in safety-related applications.


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