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Systematic Evaluation for Efficient Building Automation: The eu.bac System

WAGO’s eu.bac System auditors support building operators and automation experts in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability.

By joining the European Building Automation and Controls Association (“eu.bac System”), WAGO strategically expanded the scope of its building automation operations: Seven WAGO staff members from the firm’s Building Automation Project Sales division are part of a group of specially trained eu.bac System auditors. This group performs audits to help create transparency and provide operators with comprehensive information about the automation technology used in their buildings. In collaboration with building operators or service providers, procedures are created for constructing new buildings or renovating existing units.

“eu.bac System” certification was created in 2013 to ensure that building technology and building automation are thoroughly taken into account in systematic evaluations. The standardized evaluation method is based on scientifically tested data and the relevant European standard, DIN EN 15232. The audits are conducted by recognized experts trained and approved by the European Building Automation and Controls Association, an organization of European manufacturers of building automation systems. Building operators in turn also benefit from this consultation. The efficiency and sustainability of buildings can be ensured through systematic evaluation based on the eu.bac System – saving energy and reducing operating costs over the entire lifetime of a building.

Author: Julia Ockenga | 2016-11-02

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