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Whether you are planning lighting installations and automation in your office building, retrofitting a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system or involved with room automation in general, WAGO helps meet your requirements in buildings.

Solutions for Building Automation

In the quest for efficiency, comfort and compliance with legal requirements, building automation is becoming more and more important. After all, intelligent building control helps exploit potential for energy savings and performance improvements. In the process, the world of automation is becoming more and more complex. WAGO helps you meet the demands of today and tomorrow on your building with open, manufacturer-independent systems. Our focus: easy integration, open communication, applications that work across different building systems and integrated management – for the sustainable building solutions of today and tomorrow.

Building Installation Solutions

As buildings become smarter and smarter, they require more and more technology and electrical wiring. This presents challenges for electrical engineers. WAGO supports you with a wide range of solutions for connection technology and as a partner to meet these challenges – whether with conventional connections, e.g., using the 221 Series, or pluggable connections using WINSTA®. Discover our range of topics from junction box, control cabinet and room installation, to tool-free lever operation, and our wide variety of marking options and accessories – all fast, safe and maintenance-free solutions for any application.

360° Building Projects

Sustainability and Efficiency through Building Life Cycle Assessment

Buildings are becoming more complex and having to meet higher comfort and energy efficiency demands. That’s why they need open, networked, manufacturer-independent systems – as well as an integral consideration of all phases occurring in the building lifecycle from the outset.



Planning reliability for budget and construction, full cost transparency, on-time implementation and future investment security – the way to meet these goals is through integrated planning that considers the project as a whole.



Open, modular systems offer flexibility and future investment security. With a wide range of communication interfaces, you can combine different building technology systems efficiently.


Operation and Maintenance

Avoiding errors and malfunctions during operation, saving energy and money in the process, requires an overview of all building technology equipment. Monitoring/management systems support you in this process.


Reuse, Migration and Expansion

Responding flexibly to new technologies, demands and changes in use – this is can be achieved through migration-capable buildings that work with open, expandable, manufacturer-independent systems.

At WAGO, we take precisely such an integral approach to your projects and support you with a comprehensive range of automation and installation solutions in every phase of the building lifecycle, as well as building technology expertise and comprehensive consulting and services.

Customer Applications

Knowing What Works: WAGO Building Technology in Use

Customer Applications

Are you specifically looking for projects in which customers have implemented solutions from the areas of building automation, HVAC technology or energy management together with us? Then feel free to take a look at our customer application page. Using the search function, you can easily find the customer projects that are relevant to you – from conventional renovation projects, to efficiency projects, to new smart buildings.



Topics, Trends and Tips

What are the issues facing the industry? What current solutions are becoming established? And what do the experts say about the latest trending topics?

Our Tips for Reading

Our free WAGOdirect Building customer magazine and our white papers keep you updated on the latest in building technology. Get relevant knowledge and valuable information on future industry requirements and challenges.

WAGO in other areas

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Lighting Technology

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Marine and Offshore

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Whether for applications in shipbuilding or in the on/offshore sector, WAGO combines innovation with reliability and flexibility, making it the preferred partner of many ship suppliers.

Elevators and Escalators

The Next Level

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