Fast and easy ordering of your selected samples

Do you need individual sample components that can be put together quickly and that you would like to have delivered at your work place as soon as possible? Our promise to you as our business customers for sample service is: “Easily ordered, delivered fast.”

Sample Service at WAGO for Business Customers

Here's how

Normally, you only need to indicate your name and address to order samples from WAGO. Searching for and finding available samples is just as easy. We are continuously adapting our premium sample offerings to market demands. If you need a certain component you can contact us directly.

Premium Sample Overview - The Choice is Yours

The following product overviews lead you quickly and directly to the premium samples you are looking for.

If the product you are looking for is not marked as a premium sample, notify your familiar contact person in Sales.

Your contact person at WAGO

International Sales

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