Lighting Installation and Automation that Proves its Worth

Modern lighting is demand-driven and convenient and saves energy – assuming you can make use of skilled planning, an optimal installation and intelligent lighting control to fully exploit the potential your system offers. Implementing everything properly protects the environment, lowers energy costs and improves your work environment, as well as the ambience of the building. This entails advantages for commissioning, maintenance and conversion, since modern lighting management solutions can be easily configured with a graphic interface, for example. Laborious installations and complicated programming become a thing of the past.


  • Ideal lighting quality
  • Greater user comfort
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Simple commissioning without programming
  • Fast, simple maintenance and conversions

WAGO Lighting Management

Future-Proof Solutions for Your Building, Too

Lighting Management – Leveraging Greater Efficiency

Artificial light illuminates living spaces, office buildings and manufacturing halls; it lights up the streets at night and puts landmarks into the limelight. In fact, lighting currently accounts for some 19% of worldwide electricity consumption. From the business side, however, another aspect is always under consideration: system efficiency. The largest influencing factor here is the cost of energy, which, at around 70% of the total costs of a lighting system, is reflected in the budget. Energy optimization of each lighting system, whether through upgrades or purchased new, will be apparent in future savings.


People Are Our Focus

Human-Centric Lighting
Initially, “Human-Centric Lighting” (HCL) means nothing more than placing people and their needs for good lighting up front and center whenever lighting systems are planned. In the context of lighting management, this especially includes the individual adjustment of color temperatures and lighting intensity throughout the day. Thus, the character of the room changes as natural lighting conditions are brought into the building's interior.

This is based on the knowledge that not only is light required for visual acuity, it also sets our internal clocks. If the lighting conditions are adapted corresponding to daily rhythms in a room, well-being and motivation rise, fatigue is prevented and performance increases.

Improved Work with Good Lighting

Lighting is a critical factor in industrial and manual labor. Optimal production results depend on the performance of the employees. The correct lighting helps increase motivation, reduce fatigue, maintain health and prevent accidents. Poor visual conditions have the opposite effect: If it is too dark, productivity drops, we tire easily and errors quickly accrue.


Optimal Production Facility Lighting at Lower Costs

WAGO Lighting Management is the intelligent solution for lighting control in large spaces such as production facilities or warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly, web-based software, WAGO Lighting Management facilitates the design and commissioning of new lighting systems and also offers numerous advantages for their operation.

New Products

D4i Standard for the WAGO DALI Multi-Master

DALI-2 per IEC 62386 has established itself as a manufacturer-independent interface standard for digital lighting control and LED drivers. With the addition of the D4i standard, the “Digital Illumination Interface Alliance” (DiiA) is creating an efficient path to the “Internet of Things” for lighting control. The D4i standard not only provides users with more information from their lighting system for uses like energy management upgrades, but can also leverage preventive maintenance to avoid failures.

The WAGO DALI-Multi Master Module (Item No. 753-647) supports these new functions by reading out the data from the lighting components, displaying it via the configurator integrated into the DALI Multi-Master Module and making it available to higher-level controllers for further programming options.

Sections of the D4i standard:

  • Support for luminaire data (IEC 62386/Part 251) / asset management (manufacturer-specific information)
  • Support for energy data (part 252) / energy consumption/report
  • Support for diagnostic data (part 253) / diagnostics and maintenance

The Benefits for You:

  • Information provided directly from the lighting
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid failures
  • Energy consumption monitoring

Pluggable Room Installations

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System easily meets the strict requirements of building installations. The system provides simple pluggable electrical connections, making electrical installations fast, safe and error-free. You benefit from quality-tested components that ensure installations are error-free and completed on time.

Click and Done!

See the advantages of our WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System in this video. Plug into power!

Certified Buildings

Sustainable construction pays off. Several certificates provide planning support – one of which accounts for the potential energy savings of building automation.


Economical Room Automation

The planning, implementation and operation of a building must demonstrate both maximum efficiency and a high degree of adaptability.


HVAC Technology for the Systems of the Future

Heating and cooling applications account for more than 55 % of total energy consumption. The energy transition leads directly to the boiler room. You can rely on WAGO’s solutions for the ventilation systems of tomorrow.