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Our Technical Departments

One Company – Countless Possibilities

A good team benefits from the strengths of each individual. Therefore, at WAGO, we bring a wide variety of different professions together – professions that are just as diverse as the people who work in them and those people’s different areas of responsibility.

What awaits you:

  • A variety of fields
  • For recent graduates and experienced professionals
  • Work in a global company


Are you convinced WAGO’s the right company for you? Then you’ll be able to convince our customers too. Enthusiasm for technology and for a solution-oriented way of thinking is just as important as a passion for working with other people.

Finance, Legal, Purchasing & Business Process Management

Finance, Legal, Purchasing and Business Process Management Some call it administration; we call it shaping the company’s future. Because here too, together with all of WAGO’s departments, you will make a crucial contribution to the company’s success.

Human Resources

People are our focus. We observe and assess current trends in work environments and translate them for WAGO. This process yields a variety of topic areas relevant to recruiting, employee relations, talent management and sustainability, offering an exciting work environment.


These days, nothing happens without IT – and WAGO is no different in that regard. For us, information security, cloud management, server structures and tool development are just as important as the technology that comes out of or Production department.

Technical Development

We make high tech, but our approach is all about people. For us, what matters is not technical gimmicks, but rather customer-oriented cooperation. What is really needed? And how is the market changing?

Production, Quality & PPS

For us, quality is not an ordeal – it’s a pleasure. The pleasure of international cooperation in the production environment, the right mix of standardization and customization, state-of-the-art technology and a true spirit of collegiality.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Become a forward thinker: Plan supply chains, think internationally, structure logistics efficiently, optimize business processes and install intelligent warehouse systems. In short: Keep the business running.

Product Management

Another word for team player: you. Work hand in hand with colleagues from Sales, Development and many other departments at WAGO to find the best solutions for us as a company and for our customers.

Marketing & Communication

More than just advertising. Conceive successful product campaigns, create content, strengthen our corporate communications and help strengthen WAGO brand recognition even further.

Digitization &
Online Marketing

As a marketing coordinator, digital transformation manager, media designer or graphic designer, you can help shape our future: Designing and launching successful solution or product campaigns, creating and processing content, strengthening the brand or guiding the company through the digital transformation.

WAGO as an Employer

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