Digital Plant

All the major industrial sectors understand the benefits of digitalization and are now implementing it consistently. WAGO supports companies along their path to the intelligent and networked production world of the future so that they can produce more flexibly and securely – all while guaranteeing the high availability of their systems.

Open Automation Solutions for the Factory of the Future

The goal of the digital factory is providing and analyzing production data so operators in the mechanical engineering, automotive and process industries can base their decisions on facts and key performance indicators. Whether in manufacturing, food production or laboratory technology, WAGO helps them:

  • Maintain high levels of system availability and productivity
  • Produce in a way that conserves resources, thus achieving efficiency
  • React flexibly to market changes and customers’ needs and
  • Give their systems the best possible protection against intrusion despite open automation.

Professional Article: Containerized Device and Application Management

Smart Grid, Smart Building and Smart Factory – One goal is shared by all concepts: intelligent and digital networking, or IIoT (industrial IoT) for short. Learn how to network many devices and applications with WAGO without sacrificing security.


From the Sensor into the Cloud

Digitalization and the related concepts of IIoT, Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance and digital twins basically describe an essential process: Distributed field data is collected, processed and then made available to different users as needed in the IT network for further analysis.

Digital Plant Customer Applications

Discover exciting digitalization projects and look over our customers’ shoulders as they explore the path to the world of intelligent networked production and realize their own factory of the future.


Solutions for the Digital Factory

Infrastructure Automation

Digitization allows manually controlled industry and process fields to be automated, increasing productivity and efficiency in the long term. A company’s infrastructure – its ecosystem – is the foundation of its automation. We support you with our products and solutions for every level of infrastructure automation.


Microgrid Solutions

The energy transition poses great challenges for many customers. This is why more and more isolated solutions, known as microgrid systems, are being created. We’ll happily support you on your way to the microgrid – come and see us!


OPEN. To the industrial IoT.

Open automation with WAGO – for easy connection to the world of the industrial IoT.


Digital Plant Gateway

You can only optimize what you measure. This principle has guided WAGO’s design of the “Digital Plant Gateway” for infrastructure automation.

Data Center

Data centers store large amounts of data and must be able to provide it continuously. This requires special conditions for the infrastructure. Discover our solutions for your intelligent data center.

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