Microgrid Solutions

For many customers, such as industrial customers, the energy transition represents great challenges, and the feed-in of renewable energies into our electrical grid is becoming increasingly discontinuous due to changing environmental factors. This is why more and more isolated solutions, known as microgrid systems, are being created. Various processes are required for a microgrid to function as a system. We’ll happily support you on your way to the microgrid – come and see us!

Energy Data Management

The basis for an efficient and well-networked microgrid system is the feed-in, monitoring and control of all energy data to be recorded. For this purpose, WAGO's Energy Data Management offers a transparent solution and a system that adapts to your requirements and provides new insights into potential savings at every stage.

Load Management

The uneven feed-in of energy in return for high-performance and volatile loads, such as e-mobility, can lead to grid overloads or peak loads in the microgrid. With WAGO Application Load Management, the feed-in is monitored while accounting for changing consumption levels, and peak loads can be avoided in advance or smoothed out as needed.

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Connecting Customer Substations

Customer substations connected directly to a grid operator’s medium-voltage network must be connected via telecontrol technology. The pre-configured WAGO Application Customer Substation software makes this possible rapidly for a wide variety of grid territories, even though the technical connection rules (TCRs) vary from grid operator to grid operator.

Building Automation

Building data is an important foundation for the microgrid and can significantly contribute to grid stability. Building management systems provide the interface between the building, grid, and energy supplier. With the WAGO Building Ecosystem, WAGO offers users a holistic building automation system that enables efficiency gains, flexibility and comprehensive analyzes.

“The transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy supply presents us all with great challenges. WAGO’s intelligent applications make your microgrid efficient and transparent. “

Jannis Held, Global Industry Manager Digital Plant WAGO