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What We Develop for You:

Electrical Engineering

The central component of an automation solution is the coordinated hardware.

We plan your custom hardware for you and with you.



WINSTA® makes electrical installation pluggable for quick, easy, reliable connection.

We plan your custom WINSTA Pluggable Connection System for you and with you.


Controllers and Edge Applications

The controller is the heart of any machine, plant or building control system.

We plan your custom solution on a controller or edge device for you and with you.



WAGO Cloud lets you collect and analyze information such as machine and building data from a central location.

We plan your custom solution in WAGO Cloud for you and with you.

What We Produce for You:

Customized hardware

Custom solutions often involve special hardware requirements.

We plan and produce the hardware for your custom solution.


Control Cabinet

The control cabinet provides the hardware necessary for the automation solution.

We produce the control cabinets for your custom solution.


Our Standardized System Solutions for Your Application

Energy Data Management

Parameter Setting – Not Programming

WAGO Energy Data Management – consisting of a software solution combined with a modular control system – records measurement data from different media and variables for energy monitoring. It then processes them for further analysis, archiving and reporting.

Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is a sophisticated solution for lighting control in large spaces, such as production facilities and warehouses. By combining predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that makes planning and commissioning new lighting systems easier and also provides numerous advantages for operation.


WAGO Building Control Application

Building automation always involves very similar tasks. All the various building systems, such as lighting, shades, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation, require control and regulation. WAGO is launching its “WAGO Application Building Control“ to fulfill these tasks. This software can be put to work without any programming.

Building Operation and Control

WAGO Cloud “Building Operation and Control” is the perfect way to get started with cloud-based facility management.


FlexROOM®, the versatile solution for building automation, provides lighting, sun protection and temperature control – no programming required.


Grid Gateway

High-tech controllers and IT systems form the basis for the digitization of the energy system. Controllers coordinate distributed systems, provide simple, secure communication in the smart grid and upload measured data to the cloud for analysis, secure from cyberattacks. WAGO already offers suitable solutions and concepts for all these steps.

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