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WAGO 221 Series Splicing Connectors Keep Things Cool Worldwide

If a small splicing connector is helping keep things cool, then the WAGO 221 must be behind it all. Their simple, ergonomic design and global approvals have convinced the American cooling technology manufacturer True Manufacturing to install them in their devices.

Wherever professional cooking happens and professional refrigeration is at work, you will most likely find them there: silvery, shining, high-end refrigeration emblazoned with the unmistakable “true” lettering that distinguishes a product from True Manufacturing. With these and other products, the company, headquartered in O'Fallon, Missouri, is the undisputed leader in commercial refrigeration. An industry leader, their solutions can be found in restaurants and the retail sector, as well as in private homes – and now WAGO is too.

This is because the WAGO 221 Series Splicing Connector provides the company with the flexible solution it was looking for to achieve three key strategic goals:

  1. simplify and shorten the production and maintenance of refrigeration systems,
  2. extend these benefits to customers for improved usability and
  3. guarantee the customer consistently high quality over the entire life cycle of the products.

Since no special tool is needed, the simplicity of the 221 Series convinced us.

Jim Frank, Electrical Engineering Manager at True Manufacturing

WAGO's Lever Streamlines Assembly and Maintenance

Jim Frank, Electrical Engineering Manager at True Manufacturing, was looking for an alternative splicing connector that would not only shorten assembly times but further simplify cooling equipment maintenance. “And then WAGO's lever-actuated 221 Series Splicing Connector fell into my hands and I brought some samples into work,” he says.

However, this sample bag was only the beginning, because the WAGO Splicing Connector was not only convincing due to the easy handling of the WAGO lever. During technical data inspection, the company's founder took note of the 221 Series' manifold certifications and approvals. Ultimately, they led to the initial prototype and sample being followed by full-scale manufacturing use at True Manufacturing.

True Manufacturing's glass doors are often equipped with product display areas and LED lighting. Portable glass door refrigerators require robust connections. WAGO's 221 Series Splicing Connectors fulfill this need.

A Global Player Requires Worldwide Approvals

Jim Frank vividly recalls the interest around international certificates, “I still remember how impressed the then owner Bob Trulaske was that the WAGO 221 Series Splicing Connector had marine approvals. That was an unbeatable argument in his eyes. Because you have to remember that our products are often delivered to the Caribbean or other coastal areas where they are exposed to saltwater.”

It's clear that approvals from various international bodies are important for a global company like True Manufacturing. “Because our products are delivered to locations around the world,” emphasizes Purchasing Agent Brett Meeske. “And WAGO's 221 Series Splicing Connectors have passed all the necessary tests that we need for delivery in North America and the rest of the world,” adds Electrical Engineering Team lead Mitch Yahl.

The approvals WAGO has are a big help to us both domestically and internationally.

Brett Meesek, purchaser at True Manufacturing

Glow-Wire Test Passed, Compliant with Refrigeration Technology Standard

Specifically, this means: “From a regulatory perspective, our splicing connectors must pass the IEC 60695-2-11 test procedure. This procedure is also known as glow-wire test,” explains Mitch Yahl. That test is important to True Manufacturing because it is part of refrigeration standard IEC 60335-2-89 for the European Market. “That's why WAGO's approvals are of great help to us, both on the domestic and international markets,” says Brett Meesek.

Simply Optimized Production with Added Value for Employees

Crimping is now a thing of the past for True Manufacturing. And the WAGO 221 replaces conventional funnel-shaped crimp connectors. The 221 Series Connector not only ensures more efficient production but also improves working conditions for production staff. “I think if you talk to our production line, they will say that WAGO 221 Series simplifies the process,” Jim Frank said. The ergonomic improvement over the crimp connectors was a convincing sales argument.

“It wasn't just the Spring Pressure Connection Technology, but also the WAGO lever that convinced us.” “The simplicity of the 221 Series convinced us. Because the 221 Series doesn’t require a specific tool and the lever is easy to use, it helps streamline our production lines,” says Jim Frank.

Wherever professional cooking happens and professional refrigeration is at work, you will most likely them there: silvery, shining, high-end refrigeration emblazoned with the unmistakable “true” lettering that distinguishes a product from True Manufacturing.

WAGO Lever Facilitates On-Site Configuration and Maintenance

The WAGO lever is not only a real advantage in production. The lever makes it much easier to make changes to on-site configurations or maintenance. And this is incredibly beneficial for the service technician who is making the service calls because he or she no longer needs extra tools. “Simply lever up to release the connection and lever down again – and the reconnection is done, "Jim Frank points out.

Author: Laura Dickinson, WAGO USA

Editor: Linda Bögelein

Images: True Manufacturing

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