Customer application February 20, 2019
Fast, Simple, Convenient – BEGA and WAGO Improve Exterior Light Connection

The two companies BEGA and WAGO have arrived at an extremely efficient connection – and this, in the truest sense of the word. WAGO's 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector, popular among electrical installers, has inspired the lighting manufacturer BEGA to develop a new junction box that makes commissioning exterior lights with conductor cross sections up to 6 mm⊃2; (AWG 10) even handier, faster and safer.

A brilliant example:

  • In closely partnered cooperation with the interconnection specialist WAGO, the lighting manufacturer BEGA has developed a new junction box with which connecting the lights is now significantly faster, easier and safer.

Functional Housing for Ingenious Technology

The BEGA junction box with the WAGO 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector is technically refined, with a focus on the user: Glass fiber reinforced material ensures the well-known robust functionality expected from BEGA. The transparent housing cover can be easily dismounted within the lights, to enable convenient working. It also has an additional safety function: If even one of the WAGO Splicing Connectors is not connected, it will not be possible to close the box.

Practical Time Savings of about 30%.

The arrangement of the terminal modules on the DIN-rail makes it possible for the installer to insert the wires from the front side. Even in the smallest spaces, wiring is faster and easier than with conventional screw connection. A comparison test involving BEGA factory installers showed an average time gain of thirty percent per light connection. The junction box is ready for series production. It has two versions: a standard model and one with integrated overvoltage protection (protection class IP54).

In-House Product Development

At BEGA, the Applications Technology section of the Service department is where product developments like these take shape. Department manager Markus Schnitker and his coworkers are continually looking for possible approaches to product improvements in BEGA light applications Why? Schnitker explains: “We want to continually improve not only our products, but their handling as well. Since corresponding developments on the market often take too long for us, ultimately we are faster when we take on these developments ourselves.” What has emerged is a new generation of terminal boxes with a price that is very attractive to the market. Furthermore: “The WAGO 221 Series Terminal Blocks are extremely simple and intuitive to operate. Nearly every installer is familiar with and values them,“ explain Schnitker and Andreas Brettschneider, 221 Product Manager at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

» The WAGO 221 Series Terminal Blocks are extremely simple and intuitive to operate. Nearly every installer is familiar with and values them. «

Markus Schnitker and Andreas Brettschneider, 221 Product Manager at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Toward Innovation with Courage, Trust and Conviction

Yet how did this cooperation between BEGA and the interconnection specialist WAGO come to be? It was a talk between long-term partner companies about projects, problems and challenges – and the new developments that were being pursued at that time. “The place and time just fell into place perfectly,” reflects Schnitker. Andreas Brettschneider adds: “Then it was the sum of quick decisions on both sides and the courage to say to each other, ‘OK, then let’s just do it ourselves.’” This also takes trust, since the entire development effort is based on an exchange of prototypes. “We put this to the test,” says Markus Schnitker. “The internal echo from both designers and factory installers was completely positive.”

Easy Use Boosts Product Acceptance

In addition to the long-term partnership with reliable, trustworthy junction box suppliers, which remain unaffected by the new development – for BEGA, the new terminal box is an additional product that only reemphasizes and underscores that the high quality of the lights extends to their installation as well. “Very often, installers take an advisory role for planners and end customers. And when the handworker can connect the lights more comfortably as well as more quickly, then everyone involved benefits,“ as Schnitker and Brettschneider sum up the partnered cooperation of WAGO and BEGA.

For further information about the new junction boxes and lights from BEGA and the WAGO products, see and

Text: Linda Bögelein
Photos: BEGA Gantenbrink-Leuchten KG


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