News 30 March 2023
Precise Protection and Space Savings for DC Circuits

Save Space and Costs with Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs).

WAGO’s single-channel electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) guarantee reliable protection in the control cabinet. They protect both devices and cables while selectively disconnecting individual current paths, preventing unaffected paths from being shut down.

Your Benefits:

  • ECBs with fixed or flexibly configurable tripping currents

  • Single-channel, modular and expandable

  • Compact installation width of just 6 mm saves control cabinet space

  • Comply with NEC (National Electrical Code) Cl. 2 requirements (variants up to max. 4 A)

Extremely convenient ECBs

As soon as the corresponding tripping currents are reached or even exceeded, they automatically trip in a set time. The tripping currents can be flexibly parameterized or fixed, depending on the model. ECBs have significantly lower tolerances than thermal or thermomagnetic fuses, ensuring compliance with EN 60204 requirements. Signaling, as well as remote monitoring and tripping, make the ECBs particularly convenient.

Saving Space in the Control Cabinet

They are, therefore, ideal for protecting individual 24 VDC current paths, for example, in control circuits of machines and systems with loads (e.g., PLC, IPC or HMI), but also relays, optocouplers, sensors, actuators, signal conditioners and valves. Thanks to their small installation width of just 6 mm, the circuit breakers save space in the control cabinet. Their single-channel, modular and expandable design is also particularly economical because only the number of circuit breakers required for the expansion stage of the respective system is required.

Available: Q2/2023

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