We would like to present our highlights at the Hannover Messe, which will be an in-person event from May 30 to June 2, 2022 under the motto of “Transforming Industry Together.” With the key topics of “digitalization and sustainability,” this year's Hannover Messe is focusing on two megatrends in digital change – thus setting clear impulses for innovative and efficient production and climate protection.

You will find us in Hall 11, Booth C72. We look forward to seeing you there!

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“Transforming Industry Together – Home of Industrial Pioneers”

Under this motto, Hannover Messe 2022 will be an in-person exhibition.

We're back! Visit our exhibition booth at the Hannover Messe and get to know our experts personally so you can get a guided overview of our latest products and solutions in the field of electrical interconnections, automation technology and interface electronics.

With a special area for energy generation and distribution, we'll also focus on sustainability. Discover our latest solutions and applications for:

  • Substations
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Network-compliant feed-in management
  • Energy storage systems
  • And much more

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What awaits you at our booth at this year's Hannover Messe?

WAGO Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is a highly sophisticated solution for lighting control in large spaces, such as production facilities and warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates the design and commissioning of new lighting systems while providing numerous additional advantages for their operation.
WAGO Analytics

When it comes to optimizing your own machines or systems, the challenge is usually improving and quantifying process knowledge and transferring results back into the process. WAGO Analytics supports you from data acquisition to analysis and creates intuitive visualizations of equipment dependencies. The uncovered connections are integrated into the processes, making it possible to fully exploit optimization potential.

Cloud – Your Connection to the Digital World of the IoT
Do you want to use your machines, systems and building data for monitoring and analysis in the cloud? Take advantage of our open solutions for an easy and secure connection. In a few steps, you have a site-independent overview of all the relevant information and can identify opportunities for optimization and initiate changes directly. You alone decide which cloud system to send your data to via MQTT – for example, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud.
WAGO I/O System Field
Decentralization with extended connectivity – the WAGO I/O System Field for IP67-rated cabinet-free automation features an impressive range of functions.
Your benefits:
  • Integrated load management
  • Extended network connectivity
  • Form and function combined
  • An all-in-one solution via IO-Link

    Engineering Tools

    The right engineering environment saves money and time. So WAGO offers a wide range of products and the right tool for every application. Your benefits with WAGO Engineering Tools:
    • Integrated tools
    • The right tool for every task
    • Open to proven standards
    • In tune with familiar workflows
    • State-of-the-art technologies and interfaces
    WAGO Solution Builder
    Engineering software tailored to building automation gives you an integrated, efficient way to create solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your building. You have the option of setting up all your projects on a Web interface. Your benefits:
    • A clearly organized representation of the system on a Web interface
    • An efficient workflow to save time engineering
    • Intelligent bulk processing of data and devices helps prevent errors
    • Comprehensive project documentation with one mouse click
    Compact Controller 100

    The new WAGO Compact Controller 100 with integrated I/Os: maximum performance in minimum space.

    WAGO’s Compact Controller 100 (751-9301) is an attractive solution for various applications that can adapt rapidly to users’ needs. The new controller also strengthens WAGO’s automation portfolio downstream of the proven PFC200 Series. Typical of the WAGO controller family, this Compact Controller runs a real-time Linux operating system and supports standard fieldbus protocols – a clear commitment to openness and interoperability.

    Open Automation

    Digitalization offers companies great opportunities to shape their futures successfully. However, the digital transformation also entails challenges that include issues of networking, analytics, increasing productivity and new business models. There are no hard-and-fast rules for handling the digital transformation successfully. Instead, companies need solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

    Let our open automation platforms inspire you. We offer you freedom for adaptable customer solutions instead of rigid, preconfigured options.

    WAGO Power Supplies Pro 2
    Control cabinets are undergoing a transformation because the requirements on them – both quantitative and qualitative – are becoming stricter and stricter. Greater networking, rising energy costs and increasing customization mean control cabinets must offer economy, speed and flexibility in a minimum footprint.

    WAGO Energy Meters (MID)

    Crucial for trimming costs, comprehensive energy measurement is necessary to optimize energy consumption. WAGO’s portfolio now has new energy meters that simplify this task while offering several key advantages.
    WAGO Power Supplies
    WAGO’s efficient power supplies always deliver a constant supply voltage – whether for simple applications or automation with greater power requirements. WAGO offers uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), buffer modules, redundancy modules and a wide range of electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) as a complete system for seamless upgrades.
    Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs)
    A high switch-on capacity is combined with an electronic relay. WAGO’s space-saving ECBs come into play when the focus is on both safety and a superior price-performance ratio.

    WAGO Signal Conditioners

    Isolate, amplify, filter and convert: WAGO’s signal conditioners handle several functions in various application areas while providing secure and error-free signal transmission – thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals for worldwide applications. The focus is on usability and absolute reliability.

    WAGO Current Transformers and Voltage Taps

    Anywhere high currents must be measured and processed, WAGO’s current transformers are the first choice. Voltage taps also easily and safely tap the measurement voltage in existing systems.

    Your benefits:

    • Safe, secure wiring with CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology
    • Full range of products for new systems, as well as for retrofitting existing installations
    • Coordinated components for your energy data management
    System Wiring
    Here you’ll find all the information on our controller-specific interface modules and systems cables. With our solutions, you can also connect your preferred automation system quickly and easily. We offer solutions for all major manufacturers of automation systems, such as:
    • Siemens
    • Schneider Electric
    • Rockwell Automation
    • Omron
    • GE Fanuc
    • WAGO

    WAGO Relays and Optocouplers

    Functionality in a wide range of applications:

    Whether relay sockets or pluggable relay and optocoupler modules, WAGO's array of relays and optocouplers offer a solution for any requirement. Use them in any sector of industry including process technology and power engineering, railway applications and machine engineering, as well as general control cabinet construction.


    Lever-Actuated WAGO Inline Splicing Connector

    A truly standard-setting solution for all conductor types from 0.2 to 4 mm²: WAGO’s new 221 Series Inline Splicing Connector with levers. WAGO's Inline Splicing Connector condenses the industry-leading 221 Series Splicing Connectors’ advantages into a slim design. Offering unsurpassed simplicity, speed and reliability, the 221 Series’ levers provide tool-free universal conductor connections and a transparent housing for confirming conductor contact at a glance.

    Lever-Actuated WAGO PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors
    The lever technology used in WAGO’s PCB terminal blocks and connectors is universal and self-explanatory, offering safe, tool-free, intuitive operation for a wide variety of conductor cross-sections. The lever technology is particularly well suited for connecting devices in the field. Discover the advantages and possible applications now!

    Lever-Actuated TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block

    Intelligent recycling using WAGO TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block with lever.

    WAGO 221 Series Splicing Connectors

    Pull the lever up, insert a conductor and push the lever back down – done! As tool-free, lever-actuated connectors, WAGO's 221 Series Splicing Connectors easily, quickly and safely connect solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors.

    They are available in various designs and models. In addition, a large accessories portfolio is available, making WAGO's 221 Series Splicing Connectors great for a wide range of applications.


    PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors

    Different applications demand different solutions. WAGO offers the widest range of PCB terminal blocks and connectors for this purpose. For example, the various spring pressure connection technologies allow you to meet your challenges in drive and controller technology or the lighting industry quite easily.
    Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

    The largest selection of rail-mount terminal blocks from the market leader. The best rail-mount terminal blocks for all applications, along with answers to frequently asked questions, can be found here! Our high-performance line serves as the perfect basis for your control cabinet solution!



    The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is perfectly tailored to the strict requirements of building installation. The system provides simple pluggable electrical connections – electrical installations are fast, safe and error-free. This also applies to other applications, such as marine and railway systems, as well as industrial applications.


    Condensation, heavy precipitation, powerful water jets: When moisture meets electricity, a short circuit can happen quickly. And encapsulation has been widely used to shield electrics from moisture. But now, reliable moisture protection for splicing connectors can be achieved even faster and easier with the WAGO Gelbox. It is ready for immediate use in a wide range of low- and extra-low voltage applications.

    E-Mobility – Solutions for Load Management
    Electric vehicle (EV) charging is becoming more and more important as part of the energy and mobility transition. Intelligent charging point distribution and load management is the key challenge in expanding e-mobility for grid operators, facility managers and industrial companies. For the e-mobility charging infrastructure, WAGO offers customized solutions for connection and energy flow control.

    Battery Storage Systems – Power Around the Clock

    Batteries, power-to-gas and power-to-heat systems promote power supply independence, free up the power grid and incorporate the mobility and heat sectors in climate protection – and all rely on WAGO Controllers.


    Digital Substation

    Network operators and municipal utilities can’t ignore the digitalization of the energy sector and the efficiency increases required by new regulations. WAGO Application Grid Gateway now offers power distribution network operators a solution they can rely on for digitizing substations. This allows them to improve network management and operation while avoiding unnecessary grid expansion. Here you can find out exactly what WAGO Application Grid Gateway is and how it benefits asset managers and network managers.


    Power Plant Controllers with WAGO Power Plant Control

    Power plant controllers help power plants achieve grid-compatible feed-in management at the grid connection point (GCP). WAGO Power Plant Control allows plant operators and system integrators to meet the requirements for these controllers that are set on the grid side – flexibly and reliably. The solution is certified per VDE-AR-N 4110 and 4120.


    Telecontrol Connections for Customer Transfer Stations

    Easy connection of decentralized generation systems, storage systems and end customers: To help connect customer systems to the e.on, Westnetz, EnBW and EWE medium-voltage grids via telecontrol technology, WAGO provides downloadable communication libraries for free – according to the specific technical connection rules. Or perhaps a complete control cabinet – including software parameterization?
    Control Cabinet Manufacturing

    THE FUTURE OF CONTROL CABINET MANUFACTURING 4.0 – WAGO supports you in taking your first steps – so you don’t have to face the challenges of the future alone.

    WAGO Creators

    A Collaborative Platform, a Community for Tinkerers, Professional Developers and WAGO Fans

    Every problem has a solution – you just have to find it. Or can you create it yourself? WAGO Creators was developed specifically for creating custom accessory solutions for WAGO products: a community that provides a mixture of inspiration, think tank-style research and idea generation as a digital platform – created by and for tinkerers, professional developers and WAGO fans. When designing WAGO products for special applications, designers have a place to be inspired, develop ideas and share concepts; they can also download models for their own 3D printer or order them directly as prototypes.

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