2020 Product Highlights

You can find our product highlights from the first half of 2020 here.
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Exceptional times require us to take exceptional measures. The current situation around the coronavirus presents us all with great challenges, in both our private and professional lives. We at WAGO are conscious of our responsibility as a company towards our customers, suppliers and employees. That’s why we stand behind the decision of Deutsche Messe that this year’s Hannover Messe must not take place. Hannover Messe 2021 is scheduled for April 12 to 16, 2021.

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“We’re already looking forward to better days, when we can again welcome you to trade fairs in person. But in the meantime, we’re still here for you, and we’d like to introduce you to some of our new products.”

Jürgen Köller, Head of Sales, Germany


2020 Product Highlights

Automation Technology

WAGO I/O System Advanced

Ready for Modern Mechanical Engineering

Connectivity and speed are the foundations of modern production facilities. With the I/O System Advanced, WAGO has developed a solution that readily meets all the requirements on an upgradable automation system.

WAGO I/O System Field

The New WAGO I/O System Field (IP67) for Future-Proof Automation of Modular Machines

Modern, decentralized production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity, while providing maximum performance outside of the control cabinet. The new WAGO I/O System Field, with protection type IP67, is the future-proof solution.

WAGO Touch Panels 600

An Aesthetically Pleasing Design Meets High Performance

WAGO’s high-performance touch panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve the operability of machines and systems, while offering an outstanding design and advanced technology.

WAGO PFC200 Controller

More Freedom with Four ETHERNET Ports

The latest generation of WAGO’s PFC200 Controller now provides up to four separately configurable ETHERNET ports, allowing the implementation of applications with high connectivity demands. The networks on the ports can be freely configured. This means that the controller can be integrated into a large-scale network and a smaller local network at the same time, with two ports each.

Retrofit BACnet Functionality

BACnet/IP Firmware Extension for PFC200 and Touch Panels 600

BACnet is one of the most common communication protocols used in building automation. WAGO is now offering a firmware extension for its range of PFC200 Controllers and Touch Panel 600 units; the extension can be used to activate existing devices via licensing for BACnet/IP.

The WAGO PFC200 Controller with 4G Cellular Modem

Greater Safety, Less Space

The WAGO PFC200 Controller is now available with an integrated 4G cellular modem for communication within LTE networks. The great advantage of mobile communication is that data can be transmitted nearly worldwide. The further development of the proven PFC200 makes automation solutions with mobile connectivity future-proof. Combining a controller and cellular modem in one compact solution not only saves space in the control cabinet, but also offers several cybersecurity advantages.

WAGO Cloud

Data Analysis without IT Skills

Whether in industry, buildings or retail – worldwide access to data has become essential for any company. WAGO Cloud makes it possible for you to centrally collect and analyze data from different machines, systems and buildings. Furthermore, you can easily manage and monitor all WAGO controllers, including your data and applications, on a PC, in a conference room or on a tablet while traveling. With simple, user-friendly functions, WAGO Cloud was developed for users without extensive IT experience.

Communication via OPC UA

OPC UA Server Profiles with Security Features

Thanks to its flexible, future-proof and expandable architecture, OPC UA is one of the most important communication standards for automation applications. WAGO has now implemented various OPC UA server profiles for its PFC Series Controllers and control panels. This makes WAGO’s automation hardware fit for the future communication standard. Standardized functions, which adhere to OPC UA specifications, can be used easily and smoothly in automation applications.

Network Infrastructure

Cybersecurity Directly in the Switch

Cybersecurity is trending in building automation (BA). With the new industrial managed switches from WAGO, users can easily increase the security of their BA applications. The innovation integrates cybersecurity functions: Data packets have 128-bit encryption on two ports. This means that it’s possible to integrate secure data transmission into an existing network – regardless of the protocol and without changes in the application. The encryption meets the IEEE 802.1AE standard (IEEE MAC Security Standard), ensuring data integrity and authentication of the transmitter alongside high data throughput.

Interface Electronics

Energy Meters

Easy Installation and Configuration

Comprehensive energy measurement is necessary for optimizing energy consumption. WAGO now has new energy meters in its portfolio that simplify this task while providing several key advantages. The energy meters use the Push-in CAGE CLAMP® with lever, allowing them to be connected quickly and easily. The devices have a width of just 72 mm for direct measurement; versions for current transformers are even slimmer at only 35 mm. These widths save a tremendous amount of control cabinet space. In addition to the values for active and reactive energy, the energy meters also record the mains frequency, as well as current, voltage and power for all phases.

WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

Communicative and Reliable in Demanding Environments

WAGO’s line of Pro 2 Power Supplies, which range from 120 to 960 W, sets new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. And with up to 96.3 % efficiency, the devices have also set new standards for economical operation. This saves hard cash, especially when used in applications that run around the clock, 365 days a year – such as those in building automation. On top of that, the adjustable overload behavior, as well as the TopBoost or PowerBoost features, guarantee high system availability.


Ground Fault Detection

Early Ground Fault Detection

According to the IEC 60204-1 standard, measures must be taken to reduce the probability of malfunctions due to insulation faults/ground faults in a control circuit. A common option is connecting 0 V to the ground potential in the control circuit, in combination with an upstream fuse. With the new ground resistance signaling module, WAGO enables not only grounding of the 0 V potential, but also fully automatic detection of value underrun of a non-adjustable, unbalanced insulation resistance between +24 V and 0 V of the supply voltage and ground.

Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs)

Compact and Precise ECBs for DC Circuits

WAGO’s space-saving ECBs come into play when the focus is on not only safety and compactness, but also a superior price–performance ratio. They also enable the activation of high-capacitance loads of 50,000 μF and more, without increasing the rated current setting. One-, two-, four- and eight-channel models and current ratings from 0.5 to 12 A offer you the flexibility you need for setting the rated current to suit your individual application. With a maximum width of 45 mm (1.772 inches), these ECBs feature high channel density to save space in the control cabinet.

MM-15944 landingpage full Hannover Messe_ECB_2000x1125.jpg

Connection Technology

WAGO TOPJOB® S Mini Terminal Blocks

Full Range in the Smallest Space

WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Mini Terminal Block, with a rated cross-section of 1 mm2, expands WAGO’s existing TOPJOB ® S family of terminals blocks with a miniature variant offering full functionality. The Mini Terminals Blocks are especially compact, making connection in cramped junction boxes, such as for motors or pumps, significantly more convenient.

They also offer various installation options, providing flexibility for users. They can be mounted on a 15 x 5.5 mm DIN-rail or on a mounting plate with a flange or snap-in mounting foot.

WAGO Junction Box for the 221 Series

Bringing Order to Chaos, Even with Many Wires

Whether you are connecting a heating system or light distributions – things can get confusing wherever multiple cables meet. WAGO’s junction box helps you connect up to 60 conductors with WAGO’s 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector for all conductor types up to 4 mm2 (12 AWG). It provides a large-area, fixed position of the clamping points on one level for both flush-mounted and surface-mounted cables.

PCB Connection Technology

The center locking lever and strain relief plate for WAGO MCS MAXI 16 Pluggable PCB Connectors offer safety in the most compact design.

The center locking lever, with and without strain relief plate, for WAGO’s 832 Series MCS MAXI 16 Pluggable PCB Connectors, provides both maximum safety and an easy-to-use design, even in the smallest spaces. This makes WAGO’s product the market’s most compact solution for locking of pluggable PCB connectors for power electronics. The intuitive center locking lever protects against unintentional disconnection of the connector – without additional pin spacing width, allowing the connectors to be placed directly next to each other.
3er Gruppenbild_Version2_0001_2000x1125.jpg

TOPJOB® S Lever Terminal Blocks

The Range of Lever Terminal Blocks Is Expanding

The newly developed TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with levers, for a nominal cross-section of 4 mm2/12 AWG, complement the existing range of WAGO through terminal blocks. This additional variant now provides rail-mount terminal blocks with levers with rated cross-sections from 2.5 mm2 to 16 mm2. It fits perfectly into the overall range of TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks and can be easily combined with existing terminal blocks, whether with operating slots or push-buttons.

WAGO Gelbox

Simple Protection against Moisture

Electrical installations in environments ranging from damp to soaking wet can now be made waterproof – more quickly and easily than you’d think. Commission and use it immediately at the site of your electrical installation, access it again quickly, store it indefinitely – the WAGO Gelbox offers unbeatable connection protection anywhere electrical installations are exposed to moisture and humidity, such as outdoor environments. The WAGO Gelbox utilizes high-quality silicone-free gel from Cellpack, making this enclosure ready to use in any branch of industry.



WAGO Lighting Management

Control Lighting Conveniently and Clearly

Once WAGO Lighting Management has been installed and commissioned, the focus shifts to operation and monitoring while the system is running. The new visualization provides a new user interface optimized for exactly this purpose. Whether on a desktop computer, touch panel, tablet or smartphone – the HTML5 Web user interface allows clear and convenient operation of the entire lighting system, accessed with a standard Web browser. The responsive design ensures a perfect display on all end devices.
MM-14418_Lichtmanagement_ graphic LIM WebVisu_2000x1125_.jpg

Feed-In Management

Certified Power Plant Controllers for Feed-In Management

The growing number of energy producers and the high volatility of electricity generation from renewable energy sources pose major challenges for power grids. This is why a feed-in management system has been mandatory in Germany since April 2019 for power generation plants (PGPs) with an output of more than 135 kilowatts (kW), which must be certified in accordance with the VDE-AR-N 4110/4120 application rule. WAGO has certified its e!COCKPIT library accordingly.

Energy Data Management

Efficiency Becomes Visible

WAGO Energy Data Management offers more than data acquisition, storage and visualization. Based on data transparency and energy key figure calculation, it allows accurate efficiency assessments and successful energy management per ISO 50001. No IT knowledge is needed for this application – simple parameterization suffices.
MM-14150_graphic energy data management_1_2000x1125.jpg

Module Type Package

Paving the Way for Modular Production

To meet growing demands for modular systems, WAGO is adding the “Module Type Package” (MTP) to its range of automation solutions. This works as a standardized interface and functional image of entire system modules in compliance with VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658, creating the basis for automating versatile production systems. The MTP can be used with WAGO PFC200 and PFC200 XTR Controllers and WAGO Touch Panels 600. For module engineering, the WAGO e!COCKPIT Engineering Software provides an add-on and a library with many preliminary functions. Once the module has been created, the MTP is automatically generated with a single click and can be read into a wide variety of process control systems.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the following trade fairs starting in September:


The International Maritime Trade Fair

September 8–11, 2020

The 7th Smart Grid Symposium

Customer Event for Energy Generation and Distribution

September 15–16, 2020

MSR-Spezialmesse Bochum

The Exhibition for Process and Factory Automation

November 4, 2020


The Supplier Show for Mechanical Engineering

November 4–6, 2020


The World’s Leading Trade Fair and Conference for Electronics

November 10–13, 2020

GET North

The Joint Trade Fair for Electrical Engineering, Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning

November 19–21, 2020

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