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New Work @ WAGO

Our job focuses on technology – and the way we work focuses on people.
And while our technology simply has to work, we set great store on making sure it works for our employees – that it’s flexible, modern and, above all, as individual everyone here. “New Work” is more than just a buzzword for us – it’s a promise.

Come as You Are

And how do you prefer to work?

Obviously you need to be a good fit for WAGO. But it’s just as important that WAGO is a good fit for you – that your work satisfies you and offers you fulfilling avenues for development.

Working with real values:

  • Helping influence socially relevant issues – whether the energy transition, energy security or e-mobility.
  • Individual paths instead of a rat race: Are you an expert, a jack-of-all-trades or a generalist? With us, you’ll expand your expertise and grow into new roles – or, if you prefer, you can even step back.
  • Promoting strengths through mentoring, our talent program, e-learning offerings and individualized development opportunities, which are agreed on in regular employee appraisal interviews.
  • A high degree of individual responsibility: We create space for employees to make their own decisions, work autonomously and take responsibility for leading their projects to success.

Human-Centered Work

As a part of the company, you need to know what’s going on. That’s why we make sure to keep you up to date – because in order to work towards the goal, you need to understand what it is.


Success requires cooperation, and cooperation requires communication. For us, it’s the simplest thing in the world. To facilitate it,

  • we use Microsoft Office 365 so you can access our collective knowledge, take advantage of direct communication channels and discuss ideas and decisions with your colleagues.
  • Our “Interact” blog offers a direct line between management and employees. Regular updates from management to everyone? We have them!
  • No fixed PC workstation? No problem: Shop floor management and monthly status reports keep you up to date in the Production department too.

Every Contribution Counts

We value not just working together, but also improving together. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Employee survey: more than a Q&A – the first step in important improvements for all of us. We rely on employee feedback across national boundaries to help further our shared development.
  • Strong networks: Get involved in our internal alliances, such as the “WAGO Works” new work group or the Tech Academy.

Become an Intrapreneur

WAGO always welcomes initiative, especially when it produces great new ideas, solutions or even business models. Our formats:

  • Idea competitions, hackathons, ideation workshops – all for that one brilliant inspiration
  • Kickbox: Pitch your business idea directly to management.

Sound exciting? It is! Learn more about Kickbox here: everything you need to know about WAGO Kickbox

Career–Life Balance

Everything You Need for a Good Career–Life Balance

Can you advance professionally and still have a personal life? We want to make sure you can – balance is already one of our objectives, and we’re working to create more options all the time. Some examples:

  • Flexible work hours, flexible breaks: A doctor’s appointment, a daycare emergency or even a relaxing lunch break shouldn’t cause stress – in most departments, they should be a matter of course.
  • Individualized work models: Is your career your focus? Great! Are other things just as important, or even more important, to you? That’s great too! We’ll find a solution for all your ambitions and needs – whether education, family plans or hobbies.
  • Dads, take some time! We believe parental leave is for both parents, not just mothers, so we definitely encourage new fathers to take the time they need.
  • WAGO Health Care: We care about our employees’ health, plain and simple: from safe, ergonomic workplaces, to the company doctor, to many other options to keep us all healthy.

Work from Anywhere

What Location Works for You?

Obviously remote work is not a possibility in every job. But where it is, it should be an option. Therefore, we are constantly working on ensuring that “working at WAGO” does not automatically have to mean working on site. We offer the following options:

  • Remote work: Work from where ever you work best – because it fits your job and your life.
  • Desk sharing: We share our workspaces to create even more space for individual needs. Examples include the new training center and shared shop floor meeting areas in the Production department.
  • Co-working spaces: Start-ups, self-employed professionals and WAGO employees meet up in the “Pioneers Club” in Bielefeld. The benefits: communication, variety and the “Digital Gym,” a training program for topics like social policy, law and digitization. Internal
  • Working on the train:
  • Working internationally: Anyone who works on projects around the world can visit our international locations and participate there, working with colleagues in the US, Poland and countries such as China and Japan, for example.

How do you prefer to work? Let’s talk about it one-on-one and see what options we can offer. We can already promise one thing: We put great stock in facilitating your tailored career path with self-defined, contemporary modules

WAGO as an Employer

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