Item no. 734-307/000-044

MCS MINI 1-conductor male connector; 100% protected against mismating; direct marking; 1.5 mm²; Pin spacing 3.5 mm; 7-pole; 1,50 mm²; light gray

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  • Universal connection for all conductor types
  • Easy cable pre-assembly and on-unit wiring via vertical and horizontal CAGE CLAMP® actuation
  • For wire-to-wire and board-to-wire connections
  • Strain relief plates and housings for factory and field assembly
  • 100% protected against mismating
  • Coding option available

Safety information 1:
The MCS – MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM includes connectors without breaking capacity in accordance with DIN EN 61984. When used as intended, these connectors must not be connected/disconnected when live or under load. The circuit design should ensure header pins, which can be touched, are not live when unmated.

Product details

Electrical data
Ratings per IEC/EN 60664-1
Ratings per IEC/EN 60664-1
Nominal voltage (III/3) 160 V
Rated surge voltage (III/3) 2.5 kV
Rated voltage (III/2) 160 V
Rated surge voltage (III/2) 2.5 kV
Nominal voltage (II/2) 320 V
Rated surge voltage (II/2) 2.5 kV
Rated current 10 A
Legend (ratings) (III / 2) ≙ Overvoltage category III / Pollution degree 2
Ratings per UL 1059
Approvals per UL 1059
Rated voltage UL (Use Group B) 300 V
Rated current UL (Use Group B) 10 A
Rated voltage UL (Use Group D) 300 V
Rated current UL (Use Group D) 10 A
Ratings per CSA
Approvals per CSA
Rated voltage CSA (Use Group B) 300 V
Rated current CSA (Use Group B) 10 A
Rated voltage CSA (Use Group D) 300 V
Rated current CSA (Use Group D) 10 A
Connection data
Connection technology CAGE CLAMP®
Actuation type Operating tool
Solid conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 14 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 14 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor; with insulated ferrule 0.25 … 1.5 mm²
Fine-stranded conductor; with uninsulated ferrule 0.25 … 1.5 mm²
Strip length 6 … 7 mm / 0.24 … 0.28 inch
Pole No. 7
Total number of connection points 7
Total number of potentials 7
Number of connection types 1
Number of levels 1
Note (conductor cross-section) Terminating 1.5 mm² conductors is possible; however insulation diameter does not allow clamping units to be terminated in a row.
Conductor entry direction to mating direction 0 °
Physical data
Pin spacing 3.5 mm / 0.138 inch
Width 26.9 mm / 1.059 inch
Height 13.4 mm / 0.528 inch
Depth 22.3 mm / 0.878 inch
Plug-in connection
Contact type (pluggable connector) Male connector/plug
Connector (connection type) for conductor
Mismating protection Yes
Material Data
Color light gray
Material group I
Insulation material Polyamide (PA66)
Flammability class per UL94 V0
Clamping spring material Chrome nickel spring steel (CrNi)
Contact material Electrolytic copper (ECu)
Contact plating tin-plated
Fire load 0.118 MJ
Weight 5.9 g
Environmental Requirements
Limit temperature range -60 … +100 °C
Commercial data
Product Group 3 (Multi Conn. System)
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin PL
GTIN 4044918946964
Customs tariff number 85366990990
Additional Information
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Installation Notes
4 Images
Conductor termination

Inserting a conductor into CAGE CLAMP® unit via operating tool (210-251 or 210-250).

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1 Image

Testing via 1 mm Ø test pin (735-500) – CAGE CLAMP® connection – touch contact.

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1 Image
Labeling via direct marking or self-adhesive strips.
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1 Image

Strain relief housing for 734 Series Male and Female Connectors with CAGE CLAMP® connection.

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