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Customer application 29 April 2022
Simple and Fast Wiring of Storage Batteries – Levers Mean No Tools Are Needed

Power generation from renewable sources is becoming more important. In addition to wind energy, solar is the most important option for generating power from renewable sources. To store the renewably-generated electricity, energy storage systems are needed, like the sonnenBatterie 10 from sonnen. The company from the Allgäu values fast and simple connections to their storage batteries. Therefore, sonnen relies on WAGO’s PCB connectors with levers.

“By using a sonnenBatterie, our customers can store electricity generated by their photovoltaic systems for their own use, and then use the power when they need it. They can be virtually independent from conventional power companies by becoming autonomous energy producers,” Justus Wadepohl, Communications Manager at sonnen, summarizes the goals for the intelligent energy storage system. The energy manager provides the sonnenBatterie 10 with its intelligence and is, according to the manufacturer, optimized for energy consumption and adapts the storage behavior to weather predictions. The sonnenBatterie is compatible with any photovoltaic system: from private residence use through small or medium-sized arrays up to large, agricultural-based operations.

WAGO PCB Connectors with Lever

  • Intuitive and fast: tool-free wiring thanks to lever technology

  • Tight and safe: stable fit of the PCB connector

  • Convenient and easy: wiring by hand in hard-to-reach places

Pluggable Connectors Meet High Demands

The storage batteries are connected using WAGO’s 831 Series MCS MAXI 6 pluggable PCB connectors (MCS = MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM). The pluggable PCB connector functions as an important interface between the storage battery’s PCB and the electrical conductors that connect the sonnenBatterie to other devices. The pluggable aspect of the 831 Series facilitates wiring, especially in narrow spaces.

In order to be used in the sonnenBatterie 10, the WAGO pluggable PCB connectors have to satisfy certain demands. In addition to fast and simple wiring installation, sonnen values a high level of stability and a secure connector seating. The pluggable connector must withstand surrounding air temperatures of up to 60°C and be reverse-polarity protected for connection during installation. In addition, the Allgäu company considered the option for clear marking of the connectors to be quite important, so that wiring at the customer’s site would go as easily and error-free as possible. Since the sonnenBatterie is sold worldwide, UL and IEC certifications are also highly relevant for the company. In addition, the pluggable connectors must withstand the high outputs that are expected in the storage batteries over the long term. A conductor range of 0.2 to 10 mm² and a rated current of 41 amps makes all of this possible.

Benefits of the 831 Series

  • Ideal for the use in narrow spaces thanks to plug-in function

  • UL and IEC certification for international markets

  • High outputs due to a conductor range of 0.2 to 10 mm² and a rated current of 41 amps

Wiring in the Field without Tools

sonnen appreciates the tool-less lever technology in the 831 Series. The levers in the 831 Series permit connections that require no tools and are globally intuitive. Using the pluggable PCB connectors, the conductors for the sonnenBatterie 10 can be directly wired by hand — quickly, easily and securely. This facilitates the electrician’s work when wiring in narrow or difficult to access installation spaces, as they can simply remove the plug from the device, wire the connector, and then connect the plug back on the device. The clear lever position allows electricians to immediately see whether the clamping point is open or closed. If the lever is closed, then the conductor is connected in a secure and maintenance-free way. Thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology, solid conductors and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules can be connected by simply pushing them into the unit. The integrated protection against mismating in the 831 Series satisfies sonnen’s desired reverse-polarity protection.

One Look, One Click!

PCB Connection Technology: Small lever, big effect

Discover the advantages and possible applications now!

Technological Trendsetter

While the 831 Series technical features are crucial, they are not the only important point for sonnen. WAGO’s good advice upfront and during subsequent queries have been incredibly useful, and the broad product selection is decisive. sonnen uses WAGO products both for connections on site, and also for internal wiring in the sonnenBatterie. Numerous WAGO PCB terminal blocks are installed in the batteries: for example, plugs from the picoMAX® family and high-voltage PCB terminal blocks from the 2624, 2626 and 2636 Series. “As an innovative company, sonnen has a fast development cycle. We feel that we are in good hands with WAGO, because the company always remains up to date with connection technology,” adds Dominik Hippich, Team Lead in Operational Procurement at sonnen.

On the Path to the Energy Transition

The sonnenBatterie 10 is a clever system that allows users to store the electricity generated by their photovoltaic systems for their own use later on. “In order to be able to achieve our goal of clean and affordable energy for everyone, we will have to set out on new paths. That’s why we developed energy storage systems that are able to do so much more than simply store solar electricity, thanks to innovative technology.” Justus Wadepohl summarizes the motivations behind the development of the sonnenBatterie.

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Why conductor termination with a lever?

Tool-free conductor terminations

Reliable conductor termination

Intuitive conductor termination

PCB Terminal Blocks and Pluggable Connectors with Lever

Discover the advantages and possible applications now!

Product Overview

picoMAX® – the Pluggable Connection System

picoMAX® is the compact pluggable connection system with a highly innovative design.


Continuous System Wiring with PCB connectors MCS

The MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) is WAGO’s versatile pluggable connection system, which provides leading solutions for your wiring applications.


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