“Remote Transmission Units” for Digitizing Power Grids

RTU for Telecontrol Technology

As their platform, WAGO’s RTU solutions use the modular WAGO I/O System, which has a long record of success on the market. For this purpose, special telecontrol protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3 and Modbus®) have been added to the scalable-performance controllers. In combination with the option of IEC-61131-3 programming, this allows all tasks – both telecontrol communication tasks and station automation tasks – to be handled flexibly and, above all, easily.

International approvals guarantee continuous operation under the most challenging environmental conditions. The Linux® operating system ensures maximum flexibility along with long-term availability of the automation solution, taking into account the strictest security requirements for critical infrastructure applications.

The system’s flexible communication and programming properties, combined with a comprehensive portfolio of I/O interfaces and programming libraries, offer unparalleled openness for automating solutions across industries – particularly for electrical distribution networks, water resource management, oil and gas and infrastructure projects.

Your Benefits:

  • Versatile communication interfaces
  • Streamlined usage and low life-cycle costs
  • Approvals for harsh substation conditions
  • Absolutely secure and reliable – fulfills high cybersecurity standards

Versatile Communication Interfaces

  • Compatible with all important telecontrol protocols: IEC 60870-5, DNP3, IEC 61850, Modbus®
  • Several gateway functions possible (client/server)
  • IoT (MQTT), OPC UA, fieldbus, industrial ETHERNET, etc.

Straightforward Handling

  • Highly modular I/O modules for custom node designs
  • Intuitive configuration tools and project-specific Web interfaces make commissioning easier and reduce life-cycle costs
  • Freely programmable IEC 61131-3 control logic
  • Linux® MicroServices (Docker®) directly applicable

Approvals for Substation Automation

  • Meets most stringent environmental conditions per IEC 60255
  • Certified protocol conformity (GL_DNV, KEMA)
  • Long product and service life
  • CPU performance scalable to complex tasks

Absolutely secure and reliable

  • Meets the highest security standards to guarantee greater system uptime and data integrity (ISO27000).
  • Hardened firmware for “critical infrastructure” (auditable) + remote firmware updates
  • Onboard firewall and VPN functionality

RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

Robust and highly tolerant are the key characteristics of the WAGO Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for telecontrol technology. Whatever the temperature fluctuations, vibrations, shocks or electromagnetic interference – retrofit telecontrol technology according to your needs and requirements. The WAGO Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is ready – for standard applications or extreme uses.


750 Series Telecontrol Station (RTU)

Compactness, heat- and cold-resistance and precise customization: These are the benefits the WAGO Telecontrol Station (RTU) for telecontrol technology offers on the product side.

The Benefits for You:

  • Use from 0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F) / –20 to 60 °C (−4 to 140 °C) without air-conditioning
  • Compact, space-efficient design
  • Industrial standard per IEC EN 61000-6-2/-3
  • Withstands up to 0.5 g acceleration

XTR Telecontrol Station (RTU)

The WAGO XTR Telecontrol Station (RTU) – for environments no other telecontrol technology solutions can handle. It boasts extreme temperature resistance, immunity to interference and resistance to vibrations and impulse voltages. It is ready for use in renewable energy plants, distribution substations, the petrochemical industry, and water treatment/waste water facilities.

The Benefits for You:

  • Temperature resistance from −40 to +70 °C (−40 to 158°F)
  • Ready to use per IEC EN 60870-2-1; allows greater availability even in unprotected areas; also compatible with standard telecontrol technology
  • Resistance to impulse voltage up to 5 kV
  • Withstands up to 5 g acceleration

Compact Controller 100

Thanks to its DIN-rail-mount enclosure design and integrated I/Os, the Compact Controller 100 offers minimal space requirements in the control cabinet. With this compact controller, you can solve individual automation tasks in your environment.

Your Benefits:

  • Compact controller with integrated I/Os
  • DIN-rail-mount enclosure
  • CODESYS engineering environment
  • Optional CAN interface

WAGO Touch Panels 600

With the powerful WAGO Touch Panels 600, comprehensive control and telecontrol functions are joined by local graphical user guidance – for example, for direct configuration of telecontrol applications via the operator interface.

Your Benefits:

  • RTU and touch panel integrated
  • Powerful quad-core processor allows implementation of comprehensive control and gateway functions
  • “IoT” connectivity and “Docker®-ready”
  • Integrated engineering and cybersecurity concept
  • “Standard” variant or “Advanced” variant with capacitive touch available
  • UL- and DNC-approved for demanding environmental conditions
  • Ambient temperature (operation): −20 … +55 °C (−4 ... +131 °F)


Edge Controller

The WAGO Edge Controller is designed for extensive RTU protocol gateways, as well as data concentrators, IoT connectivity and/or data pre-processing “on the edge.”

Your Benefits:

  • Powerful ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor allows implementation of comprehensive control and gateway functions
  • “IoT” connectivity and “Docker®-ready” for specific edge applications
  • Integrated engineering and cybersecurity concept
  • DRM license model for function extension (RTU, BACnet®, EtherCAT® and much more)
  • Extended temperature range: −20 … +60 °C (−4 … 140 °F)

Controller, Item Number 750-890

The telecontrol technology controllers (item number 750-890) are powerful compact controllers that can be programmed with CODESYS V2.3 and configured for telecontrol applications. The lean operating system offers an excellent price–performance ratio.

PFC200 Controller

The PFC200 performance class contains devices that can be programmed and configured with CODESYS V2.3. That makes them an excellent choice for future-proof migration solutions.

The second-generation PFC200 Controllers have received an upgrade.

The Linux® operating system makes it possible to implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures or use your own Linux® MicroServices or IoT connections with the PFC200.

Item NumberDescriptionTelecontrol with
Telecontrol with CODESYS v3.5XTRTelecontrol License
750-0880/040-001ETHERNET-Controller Telecontrol/XTRX Xintegriert
750-0890/025-001Controller Modbus TCP; G4; 2xETH; SD; Tele; TX  integriert
750-0890/025-002Controller Modbus TCP; G4; 2xETH; SD; Tele; T; ECOX  integriert
750-8202/025-001PFC200 CS 2ETH RS TeleControl/TX  integriert
750-8202/025-002PFC200 CS 2ETH RS TeleControl ECO/TX  integriert
750-8202/040-001PFC200 CS 2ETH RS TeleControl/XTRX Xintegriert
750-8206/025-001PFC200 CS 2ETH RS CAN DPS TeleControl/ TX  integriert
750-8206/040-001PFC200 CS 2ETH RS TeleControl/XTRX Xintegriert
750-8207/025-001PFC200 CS 2ETH RS 3G TeleControl/TX  integriert
750-8208/025-001PFC200 CS 2ETH RS CAN DPM TeleControl/ TX  integriert
750-8210PFC200 G2 4ETH X DRM
750-8210/0025-0000PFC200 G2 4ETH T X DRM
750-8210/0040-0000PFC200 G2 4ETH XTR XXDRM
750-8211PFC200 G2 2ETH 2SFP X DRM
750-8211/040-000PFC200 G2 2ETH 2SFP XTR XXDRM
750-8211/040-001PFC200 G2 2ETH 2SFP TeleControl/XTRXXXintegriert
750-8212PFC200 G2 2ETH RS X DRM
750-8212/025-000PFC200 G2 ETH RS T X DRM
750-8212/025-001PFC200 G2 2ETH RS Telecontrol TX  integriert
750-8212/025-002PFC200 G2 2ETH RS Telecontrol ECO TX  integriert
750-8212/040-000PFC200 G2 2ETH RS/XTR XXDRM
750-8212/040-001PFC200 G2 2ETH RS Telecontrol/XTRXXXintegriert
750-8212/0040-0010PFC200 G2 2ETH M12 XTR XXDRM
750-8213PFC200 G2 2ETH CAN X DRM
750-8213/0040-0010PFC200 G2 2ETH M12 CAN XTR XXDRM
750-8214G2 2ETH RS CAN   DRM
750-8215PFC200 G2 4ETH CAN USB   DRM
750-8216PFC200 G2 2ETH RS CAN DPS   DRM
750-8216/025-001PFC200 G2 2ETH RS CAN DPS Telecontrol TX  integriert
750-8216/040-000PFC200 G2 2ETH RS CAN DPS/XTR  XDRM
750-8217PFC200 G2 2ETH RS 4G X DRM
750-8217/0025-0000PFC200 G2 2ETH RS 4G T X DRM

Touch Panels 600 and Edge Controllers

With their quad-core processors, the Edge Controller and the Touch Panels 600 are currently the most powerful controllers in WAGO’s portfolio.

Both the Edge Controller and the Touch Panels 600 share common telecontrol technology, and the scope of their functionality is mostly compatible with that of WAGO’s PFC200 Controllers.

Item NumberDescriptionXTRTelecontrol License
762-42xx / 8000-001*)TP600 PIO2 VP Standard LineXDRM
762-43xx / 8000-002TP600 PIO3 CP Standard LineXDRM
762-52xx / 8000-001*)TP600 PIO2 VP Advanced LineXDRM
762-53xx / 8000-002TP600 PIO3 CP Advanced LineXDRM
762-62xx / 8000-001*)TP600 PIO2 VP Marine LineXDRM
762-63xx / 8000-002TP600 PIO3 CP Marine LineXDRM

Digital Rights Management

With “Digital Rights Management” (DRM), specific second-generation telecontrol functionalities can be licensed to controllers from the PFC200 family. These licenses can be used either individually or in combination.

Protocol/functionalityTarget devicee!RUNTIME DRM license

IEC 60870

Slave (server, telecontrol substation)All2759-0290/211-1000
Master (client)PFC200 G2
TP 600, Edge Device

IEC 61850

Client M
Client L
PFC200 G2
TP 600, Edge Device
DNP 3Slave (outstation)All2759-2290/211-1000
Master M
Master L
PFC200 G2
TP 600, Edge Device

Telecontrol Technology Protocols

Different configurations of the communication protocols are available depending on the engineering environment. Protocols can also be combined with each other (within the system limits) – for instance, in order to implement various gateway functions:

Telecontrol Protocol ConfigurationCODESYS V2.3CODESYS V3.5

IEC 60870

Slave (Server, Telecontrol Substation)-101, -104-101, -104
Master (Client)-101, -103, -104-101, -103, -104

IEC 61850

GOOSEPublisher and SubscriberPublisher and Subscriber
DNP 3Slave (Outstation)TCP and serialTCP and serial
MasterTCP and serial

Configurators and Programming

The telecontrol configurators are integrated directly into the CODESYS V2.3 engineering environment.

After convenient configuration of the desired telecontrol application, the corresponding code is automatically generated for the controller.

Now it is possible to program gateway functions or additional logic per IEC 61131-3, such as a supply controller with a TÜV-certified library.

The integrated Web visualization is ready for diagnostics and/or configurations.

Implementation of simple RTU applications is also very convenient with the new stand-alone telecontrol configurator. This means communication objects can be quickly and easily created and mapped to the existing I/O datapoints – without any complex engineering tools.

CODESYS V2.3: Configuring Telecontrol Stations (RTU) and Programming Applications

CODESYS V2.3 is an engineering tool based on IEC 61131 3 for creating control configurations, control logic and visualizations. The configurations for telecontrol technology are already integrated.

The Benefits for You:

  • An engineering tool for ETHERNET controllers and PFC200
  • Integration of IEC 60870-5 (client/server), DNP3 (master, outstation), IEC 61850 (Client/Server/GOOSE)

CODESYS: WAGO Telecontrol Configurator: Easy Telecontrol Station (RTU) Configuration

The WAGO Telecontrol Configurator is stand-alone software that makes configuring and operating your telecontrol station (RTU) easier. The telecontrol configurator cannot further process the data in the decentralized telecontrol station (RTU) with this software.

Your Benefits:

  • Easy commissioning of an RTU coupler
  • Send data from the WAGO I/O System’s digital and analog measurement modules to a DNP3 or IEC 60870-5-101-/-104 control system (monitoring direction)
  • Both analog and digital data transfer from the control system to the I/O module (command direction)

Certificates and Approvals

Valid approvals and certifications are required for safe, secure operation of telecontrol technology around the word – especially where the functionality of supply and distribution grids is concerned.

That’s why we have certificates for the three most important telecontrol protocols, IEC 61850, IEC 60870 and DNP 3, and renew them regularly, so you can use WAGO telecontrol technology with confidence. The certified telecontrol protocols add an extra level of security whenever third-party components are connected to or incorporated into the WAGO telecontrol system.

RTU Applications


Whether electrical power, gas, water or heat: Due to the increasing decentralization of energy generation and integrated grids, as well as sector coupling, data transfer volumes and communication challenges are growing. As a telecontrol technology supplier, WAGO has just the solution – secure, economical and primed for the future.

Reliable Telecontrol Technology

The world’s fossil fuel supply is finite, and global warming is already well underway. Failure is not an option for the energy transition. Telecontrol technology will play a special role in the implementation, since the electricity, gas, water and heat infrastructures in particular involve spread-out service areas and remote stations.