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Industrial Managed Switches: Function Overview

Administration and diagnostics, availability, security, data transfer and performance: An overview of all functions of the industrial managed switch

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Administration and Diagnostics

Simplified Commissioning and Maintenance

Configuration and Diagnostics

Several Options:

  • Configuration via Web-Based Management
  • Configuration via command line (SSH, Telnet, RS-232)
  • Network management via SNMP v1, v2, v3
  • Support of MIB standards (Management Information Base)
  • Diagnostics via Modbus TCP: Numerous information available for easy diagnostics via MODBUS

DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring)

  • Automatically detects a connected SFP module
  • Detailed module information
  • Real-time monitoring
    - Temperature
    - Power supply
    - Transmission power
    - Reception power

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Simplified Maintenance:

  • Port mirroring: Mirroring the network traffic
  • LLDP: Automatic detection of adjacent devices
  • Email notifications


Via communication redundancy

Jet Ring

  • Typical switching time < 300 ms (depends on the application)
  • Extremely easy configuration
  • Up to 20 participants (fast aging) in a jet ring

Xpress Ring and Dual Ring

Xpress Ring:

  • Switching time < 20 ms
  • Easy configuration
  • Up to 200 switches in one Xpress ring
  • Two Xpress rings per switch

Dual Ring:

  • Combination of both redundancy types
  • 1 jet ring and 1 Xpress ring per switch or 2 Xpress rings per switch

ERPS (ETHERNET Ring Protection Switching)

The Fast and Open Solution:

  • Standardized and open technology
  • Switching time < 50 ms
  • Nested topologies with up to six rings per switch
  • Realization of a one-fault tolerance (SPOF – Single Point of Failure)

ERPS – Enhancement Mode:

  • WAGO's devices with integrated switches and fast aging configuration
  • Typical switching time < 300 ms (depends on the application)


Absolutely Secure Industrial Networks

IEEE 802.1X Authentication

The Security Standard of IT Networks: Secure authentication and authorization in ETHERNET networks (locally on the switch or via RADIUS server).


  • Authentication of a subscriber is performed by the authenticator.
  • The authenticator checks the authentication information of the subscriber (supplicant) with an authentication server.

Firewall – Access Control List

Authorization only for the required services

Filtering data packets due to:

  • a source MAC or source IP address
  • a destination MAC or destination IP address
  • a range of MAC or IP addresses
  • UDP/TCP source or destination ports

Port Security

  • Dynamically learns MAC addresses per port
  • Limitation of MAC addresses per port
  • MAC-based white/black list per port

Data Transmission

Streamlined ETHERNET Networks

Logical Network Disconnection

VLAN (e.g., per IEEE 802.1Q)

Segmentation in logical, virtual networks:

  • Broadcast limitation
  • Security improvement
  • Data flow prioritization
  • Subdivision of machines and office networks, for example


  • Routing of data packets between VLANs via IP address
  • Communication from one participant to two or more VLANs
  • Economic connection of networks to higher-level routers
  • Prioritization of data packets via IP address


  • Assignment of data packets to a VLAN via MAC address
  • Prioritization of data packets via MAC address


Streamlined ETHERNET Networks

Network Optimization

LACP link aggregation

Merge multiple data connections into a single logical link:

  • Increase transmission rate
  • Link redundancy

Traffic Prioritization and Limitation

  • Faster transfer of important data packets through the switch
  • Prioritization of data packets per IEEE 802.1 Q
  • Limitation of the bandwidth or number of packets per unit of time per port
  • Increase in data transmission quality

Mastering Data Traffic

  • Stopping broadcast storms
  • Ensuring network availability
  • Limitating broadcast and multicast data flows (packets/time)


WAGO at Work

Customer Applications: Industrial Switches

Safe Exhaust Gas Cleaning for Ships

Retrofittable exhaust gas post-treatment systems allow ships to meet the exhaust gas standards – with WAGO technology.


The Energy-Efficient Porcelain Factory

The porcelain manufacturer BHS tabletop AG has invested in a new combined heat and power plant in Schönwald, partially modernized its heat distribution system and installed a central control system with increased operational reliability. This saves the company a lot of energy.


High-Speed Monitoring aboard a Luxury Yacht

besecke developed a complex automation solution for a large luxury yacht, which was recently launched at Germany’s Bremer Lürssen shipyard with WAGO’s high-performance ETHERNET Controllers aboard.