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IO-Link Solutions

31 May 2021
Pioneering Communication with IO-Link

WAGO’s Top Automation Solutions Speak IO-Link

IO-Link is the flexible interface for data acquisition on the field level. The open communication standard allows a seamless data flow from the sensor level to the control level. This makes configuration and cabling considerably simpler. In addition, it offers new options for diagnostics, parameterization and device identification: With the corresponding IO-Link master, for example, both the process data and acyclic data for identification, configuration, parameterization and diagnostics can be sent to the corresponding device (sensors as well as actuators) via a 3-wire connection. The functions and performance data are specified via device description files for masters and devices. If a device needs to be replaced, the configuration and parameterization can be automatically restored – no need for maintenance personnel to intervene.

Benefits of IO-Link

IO-Link is the
key to the digital future.

Helmut Börjes, Product Manager at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

IO-Link in the Control Cabinet and the Field

From the WAGO I/O System 750 with the 4-port IO-Link master (750-657), to the IP67 I/O System Field, to the Pro 2 Power Supply and the electronic circuit breakers – WAGO’s top automation solutions speak IO-Link , making them the ideal choice for the requirements of modern mechanical engineering. In addition to the option of working with common fieldbus systems like PROFIBUS®, PROFINET®, EtherCAT® and EtherNET/IPTM, WAGO IO-Link-capable devices also support communication solutions like OPC UA and MQTT. OPC UA and MQTT connectivity makes consistent, high-performance, secure networking easier than ever.

In the I/O System Field, special power management also ensures optimal utilization of the system’s power through current supply load management. In addition, the system can monitor and limit the currents and voltages of outputs and supply contacts on a channel-by-channel basis. This allows faster and more clearly differentiated identification of causes of faults and easier prediction of errors – which are essential for tasks like predictive maintenance.


IO-Link allows faster,
more cost-effective, more flexible and significantly more intelligent set-up of machines and systems.

Franco Polo, Head of Business Development for INDUSTRY at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

All-in-One Solution via IO-Link

In combination with IO-Link , the WAGO I/O System Field fully demonstrates its strengths as a flexible “I/O distributor” for data collection and distribution. The communication standard allows a seamless data flow from the control level to the sensor and actuator level. This makes configuration and cabling considerably simpler. It also opens up completely new possibilities for diagnostics, parameterization and device identification.

WAGO I/O System 750/753

The WAGO I/O System 750/753 is distinguished by its universal use and extensive product portfolio. With more than 500 different modules, it is versatile and flexible enough to cover virtually any requirement in a huge variety of industries.

The IO-Link Master (750-657) represents the standardized solution of the I/O System 750 via IO-Link . This makes project design, installation and operation considerably simpler! Four different IO-Link devices or standard digital sensors/actuators can be connected to the WAGO IO-Link Master (750-657) simultaneously.

Interface Electronics

MM-3256_Pro 2 communication_WAGO9059_Klaus Boehmer_2000x1500.jpg

This makes the ability to communicate
a core component of modern power supplies.

Klaus Böhmer, International Sales Director/Head of Interface Electronics Business Unit at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG.

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

Our answer to more demanding requirements is the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply – the heart of the control cabinet, which transforms today’s challenges into tomorrow’s possibilities. A communication pioneer: The snap-on type communication module allows continuous fieldbus communication while keeping you up to date on all important status information and data.

Electronic Circuit Breaker

WAGO’s ECBs are the compact, precise solution for fusing DC voltage circuits. For each channel, both status information and voltage/current values can be transmitted individually via an IO-Link COM3 interface.


Jürgen Pfeifer, IoT & Cloud Partner Manager/Industry Manager for Factory Automation at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

Customer Application

As a provider of system solutions for process and industrial automation, WAGO is always looking for new ideas and innovation for its customers. In this context, reading out and further processing data and information on safety technology components via IO-Link was an interesting approach – and an option that WAGO controllers already offer. BERNSTEIN has also taken this approach to data processing via IO-Link for some time now with its SMART Safety system for protecting machines and systems. Thus was created the interface for collaboration between the two companies.”

WAGO Product Ranges


Automation Technology

Measurement, control, regulation: WAGO’s automation technology and associated software are future-proof and save time. Our I/O systems, controllers, displays and panels are distinguished by the highest level of reliability – even under extreme conditions.


Interface Electronics

Ease of use with maximum system uptime: WAGO’s interface modules meet the highest demands. Plan and perform your tasks reliably with our signal conditioners, relay and optocoupler modules, voltage converters and power supplies, as well as interface modules and system wiring.