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Control Cabinet Manufacturing – Control. Faster. More Efficient.

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Control cabinet manufacturers face the challenge of constantly optimizing their processes – while the demands on networked and integrated systems steadily rise. The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. WAGO offers innovative solutions such as power suppliesPLCsrail-mount terminals blocks etc. with real added value that support users from planning and project design to testing and commissioning.

If you’d like an overview of our solutions, don’t delay – click through the individual phases:

Process Phases


Save time and money: To make your planning as smooth as possible from start to finish, WAGO offers you complete data, software tools and interfaces.


Fast, cost-efficient and easy to use: With perfectly synchronized hardware and software, WAGO offers you high-performance, customized marking solutions.


WAGO provides you with custom rail assemblies or individual products – avoid order spikes, while reducing storage and assembly costs with a delivery that occurs within just a few business days.


The most time-consuming step in control cabinet manufacturing is wiring. Using WAGO’s connection technology, you benefit from vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connections.


Avoid errors when compiling control cabinet documentation – with WAGO, you can access all of the relevant product and process data necessary for standards-compliant documentation.


Your system is up and running – but that doesn’t mean our work is done! Even after commissioning, WAGO stays right by your side as a forward-looking partner.