Our Approach

As a family business, we have committed ourselves to values such as reliability, dynamism, solution orientation, empathy and sustainability.

This common understanding of values has created a corporate culture that shapes our cooperation and our coexistence. It enables us to fully develop our potential - for the benefit of our employees and partners - for the company, our environment and society.

Values and culture

  • We are a responsible family business.
  • Our corporate culture makes it possible to develop our potential.
  • We are partners for employees, customers and suppliers.
  • We stand for high engineering competence, dynamics and individual and innovative solutions.

What shapes us

Achieving more together

We rely on cooperation with our partners - internal and external. We promote this right to ourselves, to our employees and use it as the motivation for how we meet customers and partners in mutual cooperation. We stand by our word and always communicate openly and honestly. Internally we nurture a strong cohesion that places our employees at the center of our efforts. We appreciate the diversity of different competences and strive constructively for the best solution. For this we focus on the requirements of the markets and our customers, because it is only if we know and understand these requirements that we can act together successfully.

The WAGO way

Our high level of engineering expertise guarantees partners to always have an expert at their side. Full of commitment and inspiration, we develop solutions that are surprisingly simple and help save time and money. Because we place such a high emphasis on quality, our products are characterized by maximum reliability and longevity. With new technologies, we are optimizing our production processes in order to continuously develop ourselves and bring innovations to the market - for the best connection between the proven and the new.

For today and tomorrow

Our success is based on dynamism and the ability to develop individual and innovative solutions. That's why we deal with future challenges early on. We act quickly, flexibly and creatively to meet the varied wishes of our customers and to accommodate ever-changing market conditions. Taking a long-term view, we stand for sustainable and responsible actions in all we do.

Inspiration for you

Our mission statement

Our responsibility

Better for everyone

We implement sustainability at all levels and are aware of our responsibility towards employees, partners, the environment and society.

Our drive

Mission and Vision

As professionals in connection and automation technology, we are keenly aware of our duty to ensure reliable connections, power and data not only for now but also for whatever challenges the future may hold as well. You can count on us - today and every day!