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The WAGO Building Ecosystem

A Modular Total System for Integrated Building Automation

Building and property management has developed significantly in recent years and is becoming more and more intelligent and efficient due to building automation. And of course, user comfort, efficiency and security must not be neglected. The WAGO Building Ecosystem as an integrated system landscape for building automation, management and reporting provides the perfect foundation for this.

  • Increased efficiency: By automating processes such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, energy costs can be reduced and efficiency increased.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: By monitoring systems and devices, anomalies can be detected and corrected early on, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Increased flexibility: Building automation systems can be configured to meet the needs of users and the building, which leads to increased flexibility.
  • Improved data analysis: By integrating management and operating equipment, valuable data can be collected and analyzed to make decisions and optimize processes.
Building Ecosystem

The System Landscape for Building Automation, Management and Reporting

The WAGO Building Ecosystem consists of established components of our building automation system, such as engineering software, application solutions and automation hardware, and also offers a complete management and operating equipment (MOE).

Everything is connected. Green and smart.

A system that brings everything together: The new functions of the WAGO Building Ecosystem rely on state-of-the-art technologies that eliminate the need to install additional software. Data can be made available at any time and place – whether on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The right information is always available at the right time and with the right level of detail, ensuring transparency and clarity.

WAGO Building Cloud Services

As an essential component of the WAGO Building Ecosystem, the Building Cloud Services combine management and reporting functions, which are indispensable for efficient and trouble-free operation of buildings and distributed properties, into a scalable and high-performance system. This includes comprehensive support for complying with legal requirements regarding energy management and ESG reporting. Thanks to state-of-the-art Web technologies, no additional software installation is necessary.

WAGO Building Management

With WAGO Building Management, which serves as a higher-level management and operating equipment, it is possible to monitor technical systems in buildings in a targeted way – and to intervene as needed. On system images, links to integrated document management can be created, allowing direct access to circuit diagrams and schematic diagrams, for example. Support for relevant standard protocols such as BACnet, OPC-UA and Modbus, as well as certification as B-AWS (BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation) ensure the necessary connectivity and compatibility.

WAGO Building Alarms & Ticketing

Thanks to WAGO Alarm Management with an integrated ticket system, even complex alarm scenarios can be managed as easily as scheduling. Freely configurable dashboards provide an overview of systems, individual buildings and portfolios. The alarms can be flexibly sent via SMS, email or push message in a mobile app.

WAGO Building Energy Management

WAGO Energy Management for Buildings supports the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001 and is therefore eligible for funding in Germany according to BAFA. Freely configurable dashboards and intelligent widgets provide clear organization and show potential for optimization, e.g., by visualizing energy flows, displaying losses and calculating consumption.

WAGO Building Environmental Reporting

WAGO Environmental Reporting supports the production of ESG reports (which are mandatory for many companies) in the European Union in accordance with the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Directive). All relevant data from digital meters, manual readings and other systems are combined.

In the past, each building system saved data for itself. WAGO Building Cloud Services is able to merge this stored data and make it visible together.

Rainer Knodel

System Specialist for BACnet and Building Management System (BMS) at WAGO

Benefits of the Building Ecosystem

Achieve Your CO2 goals, operate your buildings as energy- and cost-efficiently as possible and minimize the risk of system downtimes with a modular overall system for integrated building automation.

Maximum Flexibility

Thanks to the modularity and scalability of the overall system, systems can be flexibly added and expanded during the building’s lifecycle. For example, it is possible to integrate additional building management and reporting functions during ongoing operations.

Optimized Use of Resources

The Building Ecosystem supports all functions according to ISO 52120. Integrated management functions allow for detection of deviations and planning of corresponding optimization steps.

Maximum Transparency

The management and reporting functions ensure transparency and clarity in building technology systems, and thus efficient, trouble-free building operation.

Maximum Security

The integrated engineering tool (WAGO Solution Builder) allows quick and easy basic protection of the automation components. The industrial managed switches ensure encrypted network communication.

Intuitive Usability

The automation components can be easily installed and commissioned, allowing efficient engineering of the entire system.