Pioneering Communication
The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply – More Knowledge Means Greater Control

Power with Communication for Industry 4.0

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply is designed to allow the most important operating status information to be read off the front, and additional valuable data can be retrieved through the controller. Assessing situations in real time and responding judiciously requires real-time status information. Therefore, the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply has various functions and components that keep the user informed.

For data collection and read-out of status information, the Pro 2 Power Supply can be connected to a dedicated communication module at any time, allowing selection of the desired protocol for coupling to the automation and control level.

The LED bar chart on the front reliably indicates the current output power, as well as overloads/load reserves. Furthermore, the LEDs indicate the selected operating mode and, if worst comes to worst, warnings and errors.

The new snap-on type Modbus RTU Communication Module connects the Pro 2 Power Supplies to a PLC, a control system or an IoT controller via Modbus RTU master.

Can Now Communicate via ETHERNET

Pro 2 fully supports Modbus TCP.

In addition to IO-Link and Modbus RTU, WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supplies now also communicate via ETHERNET. The new communication module (2789-9052) supports the Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP ETHERNET protocols and has an integrated Webserver. Sending a maintenance team through the production hall was yesterday – today, the current status can be viewed conveniently via browser.

The communication module can also be retrofitted to existing WAGO Pro 2 Power Supplies and rapidly transmits incredibly high data volumes. Whether it’s output voltage, output current, boost and overload behavior, switch-on behavior, signaling, warning thresholds and much more – everything can be adjusted or monitored within milliseconds and independently of personnel qualification. Integration into the control system via OPC is also easy thanks to Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP protocol support. All this saves costs during commissioning, maintenance and operation, while increasing reliability and availability.

Your Benefits:

  • Communication module – can also be plugged in subsequently, making it future-proof
  • Fast and comprehensive communication via standard ETHERNET protocols
  • Fast monitoring and online parameter setting for quick reaction to application changes
  • Direct access to all features of WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supplies


The optional pluggable communication interface, the IO-Link interface and the configuration
options of the new WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply allow users to enter the digital age right now.

Jürgen Pfeifer, IoT & Cloud Partner Manager/Industry Manager for Factory Automation

WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

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