Intelligent Planning

The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 – Everything as Planned!

Smaller, but better

The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 is smaller than its predecessor, but offers greater efficiency. What that means to you is three times the cost savings and further crucial advantages:

First of all: The higher efficiency of up to 96 % reduces energy loss, and thus energy costs.

Second: The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 generates less heat in the control cabinet, allowing corresponding savings on cooling solutions.

Third: Less warming means a longer service life of the components.

From planning, to installation, to long-term operation, the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 saves you even more time and money, since it can be created, planned, modified and ultimately operated as a digital twin. All the necessary data is available in the most important 2D/3D formats, and the communication provides transparency.

Marking compliant with EN 81346-2 is important for quick and safe installation. The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 accommodates this through unambiguous imprinted connection designations and the option of device identification through marking strips.

WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

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