Item no. 750-528

4-channel digital output; 30 VAC/VDC; 2.0 A; Solid-state; isolated

Item no. 750-528
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This digital output module transmits control signals from an automation device to connected actuators.
The module has four semiconductor switches with very low on-resistance MOSFETs suitable for both AC and DC voltages. The semiconductor outputs are not permanently short-circuit proof so external fusing is required.
The semiconductor outputs are controlled from the internal system voltage and are electrically isolated. Furthermore, the output channels of the 750-528 I/O Module are also electrically isolated from each other.
The field supply voltage is fed to the right-hand modules via the power contacts.
The signal states for controlling the four digital outputs are indicated by status LEDs.
If AC voltages are fed via the power contacts or DC voltages >31.2 V are used, a suitable supply module (e.g., 750-612) must be provided!