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Cybersecurity – Because Digitalization Is Only Intelligent if It Is Secure

Security with WAGO

Encrypt Machine Data Securely with WAGO

Within automation, optimized manufacturing processes is the subject of many new business models in the context of digitalization. Regardless of whether machines are outsourced or communication occurs between multiple production facilities, it is inevitable that machine data no longer remains where it was generated – data leaves the factory along multiple paths.

Cybersecurity Made by WAGO

For too long, machine data was only evaluated and used in the manufacturing facility in which it was generated. Thus, the risk of unauthorized data access was relatively low. Use of classic defense-in-depth measures ensured that machine data was well protected.

Ongoing digitalization requires constant availability of data at various locations. Therefore, machine data must be encrypted. The path of the data from the controller to an external encryption component, like a router or firewall, can, however, be exposed to the risk of undesired data access.

WAGO's PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers encrypt information directly in the controller and subsequently transmit the data to the cloud via IPsec or OpenVPN. This ensures machine data is optimally protected against unauthorized access.

Step-by-step to the solution:

  • Previously: Data remained in the manufacturing hall.
  • Digitalization: Defense-in-depth carries risks.
  • The solution: Data encryption in the controller.

Integrated Firewall Comes Standard: WAGO PFC100 and PFC200

Similarly, increased networking has justifiably triggered rising concerns about IT security. Therefore, machine manufacturers and operators are intensifying their efforts to transport their own machine data as securely as possible and protect it against undesired access

With the PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers, WAGO has the solution for the increasing demands placed on automation components. A standard integrated firewall protects against unauthorized access. There is no need for encryption via external components and protection through external firewalls, which themselves carry risks of attacks.

Your benefits:

  • Support for all relevant secure data exchange protocols: SNMP v3, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS and SSH
  • Other protocols supported: DHCP, DNS, FTP, TELNET and Modbus TCP/UDP
  • Integrated firewall comes standard, with pre-configured rules for configuration of whitelisting/blacklisting or MAC filters
  • Option of controller setup according to the requirements stated in the BDEW (Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries) white paper and the BSI-IT (Federal Office for Information Security) security catalog


Linux®-Based Data Encryption

With the PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers, WAGO has the solution for the increasing demands placed on automation components. Linux®-based implementation of encryption technologies via TLS 1.2 is possible. The encrypted data can be sent directly from the CODESYS controller via IPsec or OpenVPN connections.

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