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A Highlight for Copenhagen

The Royal Arena is an imposing structure, with seating for 12,500 spectators. The lighting installation includes 187 DALI components from WAGO.

Legendary metal band Metallica, featuring Danish drummer Lars Ulrich, inaugurated the Royal Arena in Copenhagen with three concerts – a fitting launch for this multi-use facility. With seating for 12,500, the structure is imposing in size and on par with arenas in other European capitals. Its lighting installations are also exemplary. Hoffmann Teknik installed a total of 44 control cabinets, including DALI equipment from WAGO: 187 DALI Master Modules and 531 DALI PIR Sensors. What is special about the Royal Arena is that DALI controls not only the lighting, but also the power supply.

According to Hoffmann project manager Jan Roed, this offered advantages for the wiring in particular, because the electricians only had to lay one cable, which saved time. However, the lighting experts still faced some challenges. Changes in large projects during the construction phase are not uncommon, and they can have far-reaching consequences. A single additional light fixture could throw off the entire installation; in the worst case, it might be necessary to install more control cabinets and lay more cable.

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  • 187 DALI master modules do more than just control the lighting.

  • In Denmark’s largest multi-purpose venue, the power supply is also controlled via DALI.

Users can fully control the lighting themselves with touchscreens.

Jan Roed, Project Manager at Hoffmann Teknik

Adjustments were also necessary in the Royal Arena. The DALI bus has a range of 300 meters, so the 44 control cabinets had to be positioned strategically. Since each DALI Master Module is intended to control both the lighting and the power supply, the experts at Hoffmann were concerned about loads. To meet the challenge, they installed 40 to 45 units in most modules. However, changes and heavy loads made it necessary to equip a few modules with 60 units.

A Challenging Project

Due to the complexity and the changes, involving Hoffmann Teknik right from the design phase paid off, since this allowed the experts to gauge the requirements accurately. “We had a technician in the project group, which really paid off in this situation,” says Roed. Besides Hoffmann Teknik, around 30 additional firms were involved in the construction of the Royal Arena.

A tour of the building showcases their efforts: From the catwalk under the ceiling, visitors have an impressive view of the hall, which seats up to 15,000 spectators for concerts. One part of the seating area features a flexible installation. If the maximum number of seats are required, additional rows can be added quickly. Glass-fronted rooms are situated around the gallery – VIP suites that companies and individuals can rent.

“We control the lighting there too, but in a slightly special way,” says Roed. “In addition, users can fully control the lighting themselves with touchscreens. During events, the control center can take over to adjust the lighting to a specific level.”

Aside from the concert hall and the corridors, the Royal Arena features several spaces that most guests never see. These include the administrative wing, as well as so-called back-of-house areas for access by the performers appearing at the Royal Arena. And in 2018 alone, these included famous acts like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Justin Timberlake and U2.

Text: Allan Malmberg

Photo: Royal Arena


DALI controls all the lighting in the Royal Arena.

The Lighting Installation for the Royal Arena

  • 38 controllers
  • 44 control cabinets
  • 80 DALI PCBs
  • 187 DALI Master Modules
  • 531 DALI PIR sensors
  • 6,340 DALI addressable lighting fixtures

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