Explosion Protection Principles
What happens during an explosion, which factors
are important, and what protective measures are available? You will learn everything you need to know about ATEX, Ex zones, ignition protection categories and more right here.

Directives, Standards and Regulations

Electrical equipment for explosion-endangered areas must meet numerous criteria. WAGO will introduce you to the most important regulations and recommendations.


Zone Classification

Depending on the type of materials that occur, hazardous locations are not equally at risk. The frequency and duration of appearance of one of these substances give rise to the different protective requirements for operating equipment.


Ex Protection Measures

Who needs explosion protection? Who does explosion protection apply to? What must be noted here? And what is constructive explosion protection? WAGO has answers to your most important questions.


Device Groups

Like devices, gases, vapors and dust are divided into various groups according to their properties. This division simplifies proper device selection for the various gases, vapors and dusts.


Ignition Protection Categories

Only equipment protected against explosion is permitted in Ex areas. Ignition protection categories are constructive and electrical measures for equipment and are considered secondary explosion protection.


Ignition Sources

If an atmosphere subject to explosion cannot be prevented in a work area, secondary explosion protection becomes the first line of protection. Secondary measures include prevention of any ignition sources in the Ex area.


What Is an Explosion?

Ex|plo|si|on; -s <lat.> (explosio) means "escaping under pressure." What happens during an explosion, which factors are important, and what protective measures are available? Find everything you need to know about explosion protection right here.


Explosion Protection Products

Our flexible explosion protection product line can be combined safely, economically and in a size tailored to your application – and it does so with a uniform system covering everything from non-Ex areas to Ex areas and in overall production. WAGO also offers exactly what planners and system integrators want for special solutions.