The Heart of Your Control Cabinet

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

The Power of Possible

Power supplies are the heart of any control cabinet and must meet high requirements for performance and reliability while maximizing cabinet space and efficiency. Increasing networking and digitalization demands create the need for a smart connected power supply with IIoT capabilities. WAGO’s new Pro 2 series power supplies offer high end features at a cost-effective price while maintaining a small footprint in the control cabinet and saving energy costs. Other features include:

  • Efficiency up to 96.3%
  • TopBoost (150% for 5s) and PowerBoost (600% for 15 ms)
  • Modular communication options include IO-Link, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP
  • Easy configuration via WAGO’s Interface Configuration Software and e!Cockpit function blocks
  • Built in signal channel electronic circuit breaker

Class-Leading Product Features

  • Intelligent load management that supplies 150% power for 5 s, and up to 600% output current for 15 ms
  • Extreme reliability even in adverse conditions. Heat, cold and altitude have little impact on performance
  • Communication capabilities that keep you informed about all important status information and data – ready for IoT applications
  • Easy planning and installation thanks to compact dimensions and a “digital twin” – 2D/3D data are available in the most important formats.

Power supplies are the heart of a control cabinet and must meet high requirements for reliability, efficiency, and size. In addition, advanced features such as configuration options and communication capabilities make the Pro 2 ready for the ever increasing networking and digitalization demands, all while maximizing up-time.