2773 Series WALLNUTS®

With PUSHWIRE® Technology - The Way To Connect!

Push your way to fast, reliable connections with WAGO's 2773 PUSHWIRE® Connectors. Offering a compact and safe way to connect solid and stranded conductors. This series serves as the compact, clear choice for any common connection.


  • Safety of the contact due to low insertion forces and high retention forces
  • Large connection area and different conductor types can be combined in a small housing
  • Clear transparent housing for checking the conductor position and correct strip length

The Next Line of PUSHWIRE®...

WAGO, the expert in connection technology, developed the 2773 Series based on the market and user demands to provide versatile, space-saving and reliable conductor termination. The 2773 Series is a modern version of the original WALLNUTS® and is the compact, clear choice for any splicing job. Push your way to fast and realiable connections!

The Unbeatable Benefits

Optimal Contact Quality with Low Exertion Forces

That is what's behind the 2773 Series Connector. This is thanks to its innovative spring design. The ease of conductor termination is achieved with low insertion forces. But despite these low insertion forces, the retention forces of this connector far exceed the standard forces required. No tools needed!

Safe, Reliable Connection in all Applications

Thanks to the safety inspection window, you can ensure a proper termination every time! Along with that, the 2773 Series includes a built in test port. You can find this feature located opposite the conductor entry granting easy access to check connectivity. Lastly, the transparent housing allows users to see that the wire is inserted all the way to the backstop and in the correct position.


The WAGO brand stands for quality. Every 2773 Series WALLNUT® is tested and inspected so customers can be rest assured that they receive an optimal connector, every time. The 2773 series is UL certified to UL486C – the common standard for splicing connectors in North America.

Compatible Accessories

Mounting Carrier

This mounting carrier is ideal for distribution extensions with WAGO's 2773 WALLNUTS®. The clear installation allows for fast troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • For DIN-35 rail
  • Screw on mounting carrier
  • 18 mm wide


Protect Connectors from Moisure


When moisture meets electricity, a short circuit can happen quickly. Encapsulation is a proven solution. But now reliable moisture protection for splicing connectors can be achieved even more quickly and easily with the WAGO Gelbox. It is ready for immediate use in a wide range of low- and extra-low voltage applications.

Quality Testing

Testing of the Series 2773

Testing of the Series 2773

Product Highlights

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Where to Buy

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You can order WAGO products from electrical wholesalers and our authorized distributors. You have access to the entire WAGO product offering and can also experience first-class guidance and problem-solving expertise. This helps you find the products that best meet your needs.

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