The Auditors Are Getting Stricter

In the future, companies will find it more difficult to obtain their energy management system certification per the ISO 50001 standard. As of October 2017, they must verify a measurable increase in energy efficiency for the first time, or the certificate will not be granted.

The ISO 50000 standard series set increased requirements for energy management systems. To meet them, companies must develop a suitable measurement concept with which key figures can be defined astutely and proactively. Together we keep your energy management system up to date and take the next step to efficiency with you.

These are our topics:

  • New Standards for Energy Management
  • Longer Auditing Times, Deeper Scrutiny
  • WAGO Supports You in Implementing the Standards
  • Technology, Just as You Need It

New Standards for Energy Management

Numerous major companies in Germany have been certified to the ISO 50001 standard. This standard requires establishment of a systematic energy management. ISO 50003 now goes one step further and requires continual, systematic increase in energy efficiency. This requires the auditor to check and confirm the successive improvement during the certification audit. With ISO 50003, additional new standards of the ISO 50000 series take effect: ISO 50006 prescribes the requirements for energy-related performance measurements using energy starting basis (EnB) and energy performance indicators (EnPl). In turn, ISO 50015 refers to the measurement and verification of energy-related performance of organizations. The ISO 50000 Family:

  • ISO 50001: Establishment of a systematic energy management
  • ISO 50003: Certification instructions for auditors
  • ISO 50006: Development of energy performance indicators
  • ISO 50015: Systematic measurement

Longer Auditing Times, Deeper Scrutiny

Until now, factors including the economic sector, number of employees or complexity of a company's energy management, which derives from total energy consumption, relative shares of energy sources and other factors, were used as the basis for determining auditing times required for certification to ISO 50001. These factors give rise to a base time of two auditing days for initial certification of industrial companies and one and a half days for non-industrial energy management systems.

ISO 50003 omits this division. This standard gives more weight to company-specific conditions that influence energy performance, such as the number of significant energy consumers like machines or climate control systems. Moreover, only personnel with a significant influence on energy consumption are now considered, instead of all employees. These factors ultimately yield an auditing time of at least three days for all companies. For you, this means increased time expenditure but at the same time, the opportunity to discover additional potential through the closer look into technical details. This has changed:

  • New methods for calculating audit duration
  • Basic audit increased to three days
  • Additional costs, but also new opportunities for companies

WAGO Supports You in Implementing the Standards

The legislative changes can quickly bring a company to its limits. Implementing the new standards takes time and carries the risk that certification is withheld due to inadequate key figures. WAGO supports you in establishing a customized measurement concept with good products and services, so your energy gains are reliably made visible and you can go forward leveraging all the benefits. Based on your energy performance indicators and energy starting basis, we develop the appropriate efficiency measures for your company and together with you, compose an energy management system to also serve you in the future. The advantages of our solution:

  • Open and flexible
  • Easily connect any new and existing sensors to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM
  • Integrated visualization
  • Simple derivation of efficiency measures based on our energy monitoring
  • Transparent database of energy sources and influencing factors to fulfill energy evaluation per ISO 50001

Technology, Just as You Need It

Increasing legal requirements also require complex measurement technology? By no means! With our energy management solution, you record all your process variables and energy consumption with just one system. Thanks to the modularity of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, you can assemble your data acquisition individually and expand it at any time – exactly as you need it for your company. Configure your data acquisition system, store and display the measured data. And if you prefer, in the new WAGO Cloud Data Control as well. Our software in the controller can send data directly to the cloud via the standardized protocol MQTT – and with the hardened Linux® operating system, protected by exceptional security. This is an excellent way to quickly and easily discover your savings potential and make your energy consumption transparent. Our system:

  • Simple
  • Customized
  • Expandable
  • Also with cloud connectivity

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