News October 16, 2018
New Features of the WAGO Series 750 Modbus
TCP/UDP Fieldbus Coupler

Re-engineered to offer even greater performance, WAGO has updated its industry-proven Modbus TCP Fieldbus Coupler with a host of new capabilities. However, one thing has stayed the same: Just like the previous 750-352 model, the new 750-362 Coupler reliably connects the comprehensive 750 Series WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM with the widely used Modbus® fieldbus protocol. Connecting a coupler to I/O modules is simple because the coupler detects all of the connected I/O modules and creates a local process image from them. And detection even works flawlessly with a mixed structure of different analog and digital input/output modules.

Strong Performance

WAGO has equipped the new fieldbus coupler with very powerful hardware. Right from the boot process, it is obvious that the coupler starts significantly faster. The coupler supports both the Modbus UDP and Modbus TCP protocols. To address n slaves with a Modbus query, it can use up to five multicast addresses for Modbus UDP.

Besides the hardware, the firmware has also been re-engineered. New features such as data transfer via sFTP and HTTPs and updates via Web-Based Management allow secure, convenient operation within a network.

With the new coupler, the user always has multicast queries in control. It can be switched off to avoid overloading the network with queries. And of particular importance for users: The couplers can be operated either with the usual WAGO tools or via the integrated Web interface.

Anticipated availability: January 2019

At a Glance:

  • Coupler supports both Modbus TCP and UDP protocols.

  • Coupler supports five multicast addresses for Modbus UDP. This makes it possible to address n slaves with a Modbus query.

  • Supports secure sFTP and HTTPs ETHERNET protocols.

  • Multicast requests can be switched off so Modbus® responses do not flood the network.

  • Compatible with the 750 Series, and thus with a large selection of I/O modules.

  • Firmware can be updated via the website.