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Easier Automation with flexROOM®

flexROOM®, the versatile solution for building automation provides lighting, sun protection and temperature control – without any programming.

Your benefits:

  • Simple configuration – not programming
  • Flexibly adapts to individual application requirements
  • Secure configuration via HTTPS and SFTP
  • Modern Web visualization based on HTML5
  • Minimized energy consumption for lighting, shading, heating and cooling buildings
  • Distribution connector solution: Safe and convenient pluggable WINSTA® connection technology
  • Meet all installation and operation standards for energy efficiency and functionality (e.g., DGNB, LEED)

The Solution for Integrated Room Automation

WAGO's user-friendly room automation solution allows offices and entire floors to be redistributed at any time. The flexROOM® Controller including preconfigured software application maximizes potential energy savings and convenience.

Energy Efficiency

Planning, commissioning and building operation must demonstrate maximum efficiency and a high degree of adaptability. For this reason, flexROOM® was specifically developed for projects with a large number of identical rooms such as office and administrative buildings, as well as schools.


flexROOM® skillfully sets up lighting scenes – from simple switching and dimming up to tailored and daylight-dependent lighting controls.
In rooms with incident daylight that do not always need full lighting: flexROOM® intelligently uses constant artificial lighting to bridge the gap between required brightness levels and current daylight. Thanks to a light sensor, lighting levels remain constant; when it gets darker outside, the lighting control system automatically increases the artificial light and vice versa.

Sun Protection

Modern architecture in new buildings increasingly relies on glass surfaces. On one hand, the glass lets plenty of daylight into the interior spaces while improving occupant well-being and reducing interference such as reflections. On the other hand, high light penetration leads to overheated rooms – particularly in the summer. The high temperatures and direct sunlight not only affect occupants, but plants and furniture as well. With flexROOM®, you reduce energy costs for heating, cooling and artificial lighting. An automated sun protection system with seasonal sunscreening also contributes to climate protection and minimizes the use of fossil fuels.

Heating and Cooling

flexROOM® includes every vital function from set point adjustment to heating/cooling valve control. The set point can be changed by a room's occupant. A room's temperature is lowered when leaving the room or opening a window. The energy consumption of unoccupied rooms is minimized.

Our Concept


Perfectly Combining Hardware and Software

When the PFC200 Controller is combined with the DALI Multi-Master Module, the flexROOM® solution delivers high performance, future-proof hardware in the WAGO quality you have come to expect.


Configuring – Not Programming

Each flexROOM® has a Web interface for configuration. Both the commissioning technician and end user can configure the controls for each room via Web browser, regardless of the user's location and the distribution box in use.


Additional Functions

In addition to the room segments, special use areas, such as stairways, corridors or sanitary facilities, may be automated using specially designed flexROOM® versions.

Inspiration for You

Discover flexROOM® in the Video.

Brief introduction: Everything worth knowing about room automation with flexROOM® and its application areas

WAGO Products

Hardware and Software for Room Automation

Software for Application Controller flexROOM®

In order to use the full scope of the application controller, you need the flexROOM® software. The software is available after registration. By registering, we make the latest version of the software available to you by e-mail and can help you with any questions at any time.

flexROOM® from WAGO:
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