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“WAGES Monitoring for Manufacturers: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability with the WAGO IoT Box”

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, plant managers strive to enhance efficiency and drive down costs. The key to powering manufacturing operations lies in effectively managing WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam). By optimizing resource utilization, manufacturers can unlock a range of benefits, including cost reduction, improved quality control, and predictive equipment maintenance.

What you will get from this whitepaper:

  • Download this whitepaper for a clear and concise summary of deploying the WAGO IoT box for WAGES monitoring including: Discover the importance of WAGES monitoring and its diverse applications, ranging from detecting air leakage to reducing peak power demand, optimizing ambient conditions for raw materials storage, cooling welding guns, predicting maintenance for air compressors, and analyzing motor current.
  • Gain insights into implementation considerations, including integration of the IoT Box into your existing infrastructure, both physically and on a network level, ensuring a smooth deployment process.
  • Explore future trends and innovations in software and edge computing that will improve operations with WAGES monitoring data. Uncover how these advancements will help optimize costs and improve operational efficiency, paving the way for a more sustainable and competitive manufacturing environment.