Item no. 248-502

Mini-WSB marking card; as card; MARKED; 1 ... 10 (10x); not stretchable; Horizontal marking; snap-on type; white

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Product details

Technical Data
Marking 1 … 10
Marking (number) 10
Marking direction Horizontal marking
Marking color black
Marking type Numbers
Representation of the imprint consecutive numbers per strip
Pre-assembly 10 strips with 10 markers per card
Geometrical Data
Marker/Strip width 5 mm
Marker width 5 mm
Material Data
Color white
Weight 6.7 g
Fire load 0.201 MJ
Commercial data
Product Group 2 (Terminal Block Accessories)
Packaging type bag
Country of origin DE
GTIN 4017332275668
Customs tariff number 49119900000
Installation Notes
1 Image

Marking via Mini-WSB Quick markers.

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