Item no. 857-155

Basic relay; Nominal input voltage: 60 VDC; 1 changeover contact; Limiting continuous current: 6 A; Module width: 5 mm; Module height: 15 mm

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  • The 60 VDC basic relay must be used for 60 VDC, 110 VDC, 220 VDC and 115 VAC/DC, 230 VAC/DC relay modules.
  • To protect the relay coils and contacts, inductive loads must be dampened with an effective protection circuit.
  • 30 VDC switching voltages and 50 mA currents must not be exceeded for gold-plated basic relays. Higher switching power eventually evaporates the gold layer. The resulting deposits in the housing may reduce service life.

Product details

Technical Data
Control circuit
Nominal input voltage UN DC 60 V
Load circuit:
Number of changeover contacts 1
Contact material (relay) AgSnO2
Limiting continuous current 6 A
Inrush current (resistive) (max.) (AC) 20 A / 0,02 s
Switching voltage (max.) AC 250 V
Switching power (resistive) (max.) AC 1500 VA; DC (see load limit curve)
Switching capacity AC-15: 3 A / AC 250 V; DC-13: 2 A / DC 24 V
Recommended minimum load 10 V / 10 mA; 24 V / 1 mA
Pull-in time (typ.) 8 ms
Drop-out time (typ.) 4 ms
Bounce time (typ.) 3.5 ms
Electrical life (NO; resistive load; 23 °C) 50 x 103 switching operations
Mechanical life 5 x 106 switching operations
Switching frequency with/without load (max.) 6 min-1 / 180 min-1
Safety and protection:
Dielectric strength, control/load circuit (AC, 1 min) 4 kVrms
Dielectric strength, open contact (AC, 1 min) 1 kVrms
Protection type IP20
Geometrical Data
Width 5 mm / 0.197 inch
Height from the surface 15 mm / 0.591 inch
Depth 28 mm / 1.09 inch
Mechanical data
Mounting type Pluggable module
Material Data
Weight 4.9 g
Environmental Requirements
Surrounding air temperature (operation at UN) -40 … 85 °C
Surrounding air temperature (storage) -40 … 85 °C
Standards and specifications
Standards/specifications EN 61810-1, EN 61373; VDE, UR
Commercial data
Product Group 6 (Interface Electronics)
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin CZ
GTIN 4045454551025
Customs tariff number 85364900990
Approvals / Certificates
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: UL
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Additional Approval Text UL 508
Certificate name: E340707
CAD files
CAE data
EPLAN Data Portal 857-155
WSCAD Universe 857-155
ZUKEN Portal 857-155
CAD data
2D/3D Models 857-155
Compatible products
General accessories
Item no.: 857-107
Relay socket; Nominal input voltage: 110 V AC/DC; for 5 mm basic relays; Yellow status indicator
Item no.: 857-108
Relay socket; Nominal input voltage: 230 V AC/DC; for 5 mm basic relays; Yellow status indicator
Installation Notes
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Operation of the relay ejector

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