Infinite Expansion: TOPJOB®S Series Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks

Modern machine control systems can now be easily and conveniently wired via WAGO's new Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®.

Your Benefits:

  • Maximum signal density
  • Range of multifunctional jumpers
  • Fastest marking system
  • LED, wiring and marking in plain view

WAGO's sensor/actuator terminal blocks feature several potential levels and one signal level. The potential levels are for power supply and, if necessary, sensor grounding; the signal level transmits switching signals from two sensors or to the actuators. A special feature of WAGO's TOPJOB® S Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks is the double current bar on the potential levels which allows endless expansion of both positive and negative potentials via standard jumpers. On the signal level, the two current bars for signal transmission are electrically isolated from each other.

Several sensors can be packed into the smallest possible space using only 3.5 mm per sensor on the DIN-rail. These terminal blocks are perfectly adapted to the conductor cross-sections commonly used for sensors and actuators. They are optimally suited for small terminal boxes within a system's decentralized periphery, as well as for centralized installation in the control cabinet.

On the potential levels, the positive and negative potentials can be endlessly expanded using standard jumpers – no pole number limitation. Color-coded jumpers simplify potential assignment.

The sensor/actuator terminal blocks can be marked quickly and clearly, as can the entire TOPJOB®S family of products. Clear identification is provided by multi-line marking strips that don’t cover the jumper slot. The terminal blocks have two marker slots: one on the top and one on the side. This makes the marking easy to read, regardless of the angle in which the terminal strip was installed.

The streamlined terminal block design provides quick wiring overview and simplifies control layout. The colored conductor entries simplify clamping point assignment. LEDs, jumpers and markers are always visible – even when wired.

WAGO's TOPJOB®S Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks are available in the following versions:

  • For 3- or 4-wire sensors
  • For high-side or low-side switching sensors and actuators
  • With or without LED for power supply or signal switching
  • With or without ground contact to the DIN-rail
  • As supply terminal blocks of the same profile – up to 4 mm²