The Standard for Motor Control: SMI

“Standard Motor Interface” is a consistent interface for electrical drives.

SMI was developed to connect drives with integrated electronic circuitry for applications in shutters and sunshade systems.

SMI in Brief:

  • Precision

  • Smooth running

  • Feedback

  • Compatibility

  • Easy installation

SMI Simply Explained

The STANDARD MOTOR INTERFACE (SMI) is the standardized electrical interface for roller shutter and sunblind drives.

Well-known European manufacturers have collaborated to form the SMI working group and developed the digital motor interface. This standardized interface allows drives to be precisely controlled by switching commands and telegrams.

System features:

  • Depending on the application, up to 16 drives can be controlled electrically in parallel.
  • Controllers and drives are connected by a five-wire line with power supply and data transmission.
  • High-precision intermediate positioning
  • Query current motor positions
  • Motor feedback with diagnostic information

Your SMI Master Benefits:

  • Reasonably priced solution

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Low space requirement

  • SMI Configurator for efficient configuration and commissioning

SMI System Graphics