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Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks – a Real Wizard at Saving Space

The WAGO Miniature Rail-Mount Termnal Blocks TOPJOB® S with operating slots or push-buttons feature a compact design, making them ideal for connections in the cramped terminal boxes of motors or pumps, for example.

The compact design of the TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks makes them especially suitable for connections inside the cramped terminal boxes of motors or pumps, for example.

At a Glance:

  • Nominal cross-section: 1 (1.5) mm² | 2.5 (4) mm²,
    Rated current: 13.5 (17.5) A | 24 (32) A
    Rated voltage: 500 V | 800 V IEC
  • Custom mounting options
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination

Product Overview

Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks in Use

Device Connection in Building Technology – the Outdoor Unit of a Split Air-Conditioning System

Small components, big marking – the ample marking surface of the TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks provides clear organization quickly in compact subsystems.

Device Connection in Control Cabinets

A smaller size means a better fit – TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer a compact design for device connection in control cabinets.


Convenient Connection with a Compact Design

With lengths of 33 mm (nominal cross-section: 1 mm²) and 36.5 mm (nominal cross-section: 2.5 mm²), the new Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are very compact, making connection especially convenient in the cramped terminal boxes of motors or pumps, for example.

2.5 mm² Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are 25 % shorter than standard TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks (e.g., 2252-1201 to 2202-1201).

MM-32260 website update Mini terminal blocks_1_2000x1125_.jpg

1 mm² (2250-1201 ) 2.5 mm² (2252-1201)

Mounting Variants for Every Application

WAGO’s Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer several mounting options for exceptional flexibility. They can be mounted directly on a 15 x 5.5 mm (0.5 x 0.27 in.) DIN-15 rail or on a mounting plate with a flange or snap-in mounting foot.

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Actuation Variants

WAGO’s Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are available with two actuation types: push-buttons or operating slots. Both types allow Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination.

Advantages of push-buttons:

  • Use any standard operating tool.
  • The orange color highlights the actuator, giving users a clear overview at a glance.
  • The push-button has become synonymous with convenience, making it the industry’s go-to solution for in-the-field wiring.

Advantages of operating slots:

  • The tool remains in the operating slot – both hands are free for wiring.
  • After insertion, the operating tool marks the clamping point and keeps it open.

A Comprehensive Range of Accessories

The WAGO Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Block is the smallest version in the TOPJOB® S portfolio. Since it’s part of the same portfolio, the industry-trusted TOPJOB® S accessories are also compatible with the Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks:

  • Range of jumpers: The standard TOPJOB® S Jumpers can be used. For example, use the pre-assembled jumpers for a star connection (2000-405/011-000) or a delta connection (2000-406/020-000).
  • Marking strips: Using WAGO’s continuous marking strips saves time and money – mark up to three lines at once.

New Marking Wizard in Smart Designer

The new wizard function in our WAGO Configurator Smart Designer greatly simplifies marking configuration. Moving this function to the right sidebar makes configuration much more transparent for the customer because the configuration area remains visible. Furthermore, prior accessories selection is eliminated because the media is selected automatically, saving valuable time for the customer. Added benefit: Automated numbering now recognizes N and PE terminal blocks and counts them up.

Compact Data Download: All Item Data in One Place

WAGO’s Smart Designer configurator offers a practical new function: With it, you can now directly download all the item data required for your configuration with just a few mouse clicks. This quick and easy function provides the complete data package for your further engineering process.

Here’s how it works:

  • In Smart Designer, click “Download Complete Data Package” (Import/Export).
  • Select the desired format (CAD/CAE).
  • The required data is combined into a ZIP file in the background, and you receive a download link by email.

Mini Terminal Block Configurator

A new feature is now available in our Smart Designer configurator for quickly creating the busbar terminal block you need from our wide range of offerings for Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks. Just select the desired parameters for the application – such as the rating data, actuation type, number of pins, colors and accessories – and Smart Designer provides the right busbar terminal block.

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