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Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks in Use

Device Connection in Control Cabinets

Smaller size means better fit – TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer a compact design for device connection in control cabinets.


Compact Components in Control Cabinets

There are good reasons for installing the smallest possible components in control cabinets: less space for individual components means valuable space for more technology, more clearance for good air circulation and clearer organization. Additional devices that, though part of the infrastructure, are installed close to the door rather than in the main area of the control cabinet, also require especially small connection components.

Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks – a Real Wizard at Saving Space

For these small connection components, there is often little space left over next to the actual control cabinet components, either for installation or for the power supply. For connecting industrial devices such as fans for cooling in the control cabinet, connection elements are needed with especially compact designs.

TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are ideal for such uses. Device connections are often established close to production lines, in industrial environments, where Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer the additional advantage of reliable and vibration-resistant connections based on spring pressure connection technology.

Installation in Control Cabinets

Installing Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks in Control Cabinets

The Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks from the 2050/2250 Series, with a nominal cross-section of 1 mm², are can be conveniently installed in a control cabinet on the fan using a mounting flange on the mounting plate, or optionally on the DIN-rail 15. In the example application shown, the push-button variant has been installed. Thanks to the selection of actuation variants – with push-buttons or operating slots – both sizes (1 mm² and 25 mm²) of the Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can be wired conveniently according to your own preferences. The ample marking surface also offers clearer organization, making installation and maintenance easier.

Benefits of the Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks for Device Connections:

  • Compact design for convenient wiring and maintenance

  • Space advantages thanks to small dimensions

  • Ample marking provides clear organization quickly

  • Secure connection, even in extreme environments, with spring pressure connection technology

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