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Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks in Use

Device Connection in Building Technology – Outdoor Unit of a Split Air-Conditioning System

Small components, big marking – the ample marking surface of the TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks provides clear organization quickly in compact subsystems.


Marking for Streamlined Control Cabinet Overview

Air-conditioning for rooms and buildings has become more and more standard over the last few years, even in Europe. At the same time, air-conditioning units and their connection options have become more and more compact, which leaves very little space for wiring or for maintenance work on the system. For this challenge, TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer the compelling advantage of a compact, space-saving design (1 mm² and 2.5 mm²). Another benefit: the multi-line printable marking strips also allow fast and easy identification in limited space. This makes it easy to trace connections at a later point, even in the absence of a detailed circuit diagram.


Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks – a Real Wizard at Saving Space

The Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are installed in the outdoor unit of a split air-conditioning system. As the name indicates, this module is located outside the building. That entails challenging environmental demands: The units installed outdoors must endure a huge variety of weather conditions, like heat, cold, precipitation and high humidity. The same also applies to the connection technology, of course. The TOPJOB® Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks meet these demands.


Installing Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks in Air-Conditioning Systems

For installing air-conditioning systems, the Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can be used without difficulty for the power connection, as well as for connecting auxiliary components like a heating unit. The front-entry wiring plays an important role, especially in cases where wiring space is limited. Conductors can be wired from the front using push-in connection technology. Depending on the specifications, the terminal strip often can be easily and flexibly expanded with additional terminal blocks, or easily commoned. The commoning is done with a push-in type jumper bar, without screws. If the connection needs to be supplemented with other components, the DIN-rail offers an easy option for expansion. If the junction box does not have a DIN-rail, the Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can also be fastened directly to the mounting plate using a flange or snap-in mounting foot and expanded that way. In the example application shown, the 2.5 mm² Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with push-buttons were installed on a DIN-rail 15.

Benefits of the Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks for Device Connections in Building Technology:

  • Space advantages due to compact design

  • Ample marking provides clear organization quickly

  • Convenient wiring and maintenance

  • Flexibility thanks to mounting variants and jumper portfolio

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