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Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is the sophisticated solution for lighting control in large spaces such as production facilities and warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates design and commissioning of new lighting systems while providing numerous additional advantages for their operation.

WAGO Lighting Management:

  • Easy Handling and Documentation
  • Innovative Usability via Standard Web Browser
  • Clearly Organized Input Screen

Lighting Management with WAGO

The Intelligent Solution for Lighting Controllers

New Features available

  • WAGO Lighting Management Visualization (Beta Version)
    • HTML5 Web user interface for operation and monitoring of WAGO Lighting Management
    • Access via standard Web browser
    • Responsive design for optimum presentation on desktop PCs, touch panels, tablets and smartphones
  • Check-box for enabling data communication for WAGO Lighting Management visualization

Function Overview

Lighting Management from WAGO offers you the following functions:

  • Switching: Power on/off (with/without watchdog), latching relays, staircase function, automatic light (motion detector), dimming control
  • Dimming: Dimming with presence sensors
  • Lighting control: Human Centric Lighting (HCL), constant light control, daylight control
  • Time functions: Weekly, vacation and special switching programs, holidays
  • Slave function: External virtual room, external dimmer
  • Safety lighting for both single and central battery
  • Accurate energy consumption measurement
  • Simple project documentation

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What Makes WAGO Lighting Management Successful

WAGO Lighting Management is the intelligent solution for lighting control in large spaces such as production facilities or warehouses.

Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly, Web-based software, WAGO Lighting Management facilitates the design and commissioning of new lighting systems and also offers numerous advantages for their operation.

The foundation is an intelligent lighting control system, which ensures that the correct light is available in the right amount at the right time by using daylight sensors, presence sensors and sophisticated lighting scenarios.

Your Benefits:

  • Reduce lifecycle costs through efficient lighting management
  • Commissioning via self-explanatory, wizard-based configuration
  • Easy configuration without programming

High-Quality Hardware

The hardware side is based on WAGO’s new PFC200 Controller and DALI-2 Module from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. Each module can integrate up to 64 DALI lights, up to 16 DALI sensors and up to 16 DALI transmitters into the system. Since the number of modules is variable, WAGO Lighting Management can be used for small production facilities or large logistics centers. Additional I/O modules can also be linked to the controller, for example, three-phase power measurement modules, a module for GPS-based time synchronization or radio receiver modules for EnOcean radio switches.


The Best Hardware for Your Lighting Management System

Modern Software

Easy configuration via a Web-based interface establishes WAGO Lighting Management as a powerful and user-friendly solution. All settings, for commissioning and during operation, can be performed with the click of a mouse button – no programming required. Because the graphical user interface can be accessed by any standard Web browser, there is no need for local software installation. The Web visualization, based on HTML5, takes all complications out of configuring the lighting system. Parameter values can be stored on an SD card or a backup server via SFTP. The values can be forwarded to a higher-level building control system or to a production control center via MODBUS TCP/IP. On the input screen, dialogs are pre-populated with default settings for basic parameters, and operating states are displayed.

The PFC200 Controllers are designed for the processing of WAGO applications. You can identify these controllers by a special version of the item number. The application can be downloaded further below on this Website.
For further information, as well as the exact association between the application and the corresponding application controller, please refer to the application documentation. The controllers can also be used with their own applications.

Software for Lighting Management Application Controllers

In order to use the full scope of WAGO’s lighting solution, you need the Lighting Management Software. The application controllers are designed for processing WAGO applications.

You can identify the possible controllers for each application solution by the different item numbers. Once you register on the WAGO Website, we’ll provide you with the latest version of the specific software by email and can help you with any questions at any time.

Using the WAGO Lighting Management solutions

Video tutorials

Videos:9 | Duration: 30:23
Video tutorials
Videos:9 | Duration: 30:23

Product News

Energy Efficient, Scalable and More Flexible

WAGO Lighting Management with New Functions for Even More Application Possibilities

WAGO Lighting Management, the sophisticated solution for lighting control, now offers users even more options. In the new version, a dimming value and/or setpoint curve for the brightness value (lux) can now be used in addition to the color temperature curve for color temperature control (HCL). As a result, light can adapt as more easily to external light as the day progresses.

In addition, a room function can now be selected for each schedule entry. Thus, a time-controlled change of the function is possible, such as from daytime presence-dependent lighting control to manual on and off control via push buttons at night.

New switching functions, a download page for the KNX data point list, a diagnostics report and the ability to email diagnostic reports complete the update.

WAGO Lighting Management combines predefined hardware components with a pre-programmed software application. It can scale and adapt to any requirements, and is ready to work – no extensive software experience needed.

Your Benefits:

  • Extended application possibilities by considering the illumination intensity in color temperature control (HCL)

  • Time-controlled room function change possible

  • Support for DALI-2 Multi-Sensors

  • Parameterizing without prior knowledge – configuring, not programming