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Our Sustainability Strategy

Relying on the Right, Long-Term Connections

We strive to ensure that the interests of all participating persons and processes align with the requirements that arise from our focus on sustainability.

Long-term Alignment

In our sustainability report, we present the basis of our sustainability program:

  • Our corporate vision
  • Commitment & corporate standards
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Sustainability priorities

Quality of Life

In our sustainability report, read how we contribute to a better quality of life.

  • Our WAGO benefits
  • Diversity as a factor of success
  • Community engagement
  • Responsibility in the supply chain


Resource Conservation

For more information on our approaches to resource conservation, see the sustainability report.

  • Sustainable products & solutions
  • Circular economy
  • Climate protection
  • Packaging


A Powerful Partnership

Long-term company success needs committed employees. WAGO strives to set high moral standards for our employees, and we offer several opportunities for them to be involved citizens.

Delivery Chain

Sustainable Down the Entire Line

Taking on responsibility means taking into account not only one's own company, but the entire supply chain. WAGO brings social and environmental standards to its partners.

Supply Chain

Good for All

The regions in which we live and conduct business in are important to us. Thus, we commit ourselves – with strategic cooperation or individual employee actions.

Environmental Protection

Living Responsibility

Whether product, process or management, environmental protection touches all areas of the company and at WAGO, is implemented on all levels.

Environmental Protection


Sustainability Report 2022

In our latest Sustainability Report, published in September 2023, you can find more information on the key aspects of our sustainability program listed above.

Sustainability Report 2022 container.JPG

The ZVEI Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility

As a member of the ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie e.V. (Central Electrical Engineering and Electrical Industry Association) – WAGO acknowledges its social responsibility within the scope of worldwide corporate activity. The Code of Conduct establishes industry guidelines, especially concerning working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, as well as transparent business operations and open communications.

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower System

Compliance with laws, regulations and internal guidelines is our top priority. Here you can share confidential information.



WAGO sets high standards. Our environmental management system is certified per ISO 14001 – many of our products and activities have also received certificates.

Approved Quality

Environmental Product Compliance Search

RoHS and REACH declarations can be accessed via the “Environmental Product Compliance Search.” You will also find the “SCIP notification number” there.

Global Compact

Global Compact Verification

WAGO has been part of the UN Global Compact, the largest and most important initiative for responsible company management, since 2012.

Global Compact

Recommended Reading

Our Mission Statement

Our drive

Mission and vision

As a professional in connection and automation technology, we are aware of our duty to ensure reliable data and power supply in the future as well. You can count on us - every day!

Our Motivation
Our Approach

Values and culture

As a responsible family-owned company, we are always committed to the well-being of all involved - whether for employees, customers or suppliers. This principle is deeply rooted in our culture and affects all areas of activity.

Our Approach