Rail Assemblies - Quality At Every Stage

With our in-house Rail Assembly service, you can be sure your custom terminal assemblies are tailor-made to your exact specifications using only the best quality interconnection solutions.

Our team of Rail Assembly experts will work with you to create the best solution and can offer innovative value-added solutions using other products in the WAGO range.

Stage 1 | DESIGN

Our Engineering team will review your requirements and create a solution, choosing the most suitable WAGO parts including any third-party products that may be needed.

Stage 2 | CREATE

Our production team will prepare the DIN rail and create the marking using the WAGO Smart Printer. The parts needed for each assembly are picked from our UK distribution centre.

Stage 3 | BUILD

The components are assembled onto the rail carefully by hand by our trained assembly team referencing the most up-to-date drawing. WAGO can also wire the rail assembly in-house and the complete product package can be mounted into an enclosure.

Stage 4 | CHECK

Quality is very important for WAGO: 100% of completed rail assemblies are rigorously checked by our Quality Inspectors to guarantee that they are exactly what the customer requires. Wired assemblies are also continuity tested. 

Stage 5 | DELIVER 

Each custom rail assembly is carefully protected and packaged before dispatch using a professional courier service.

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Your WAGO Rail Assembly benefits include: 
  • Cost-saving
  • Time-saving
  • Inventory-saving
  • Ease of purchase
  • Ideal for repeat-production where the same assembly is produced regularly.
Quality you can trust.

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