WAGO Touch Panels 600

An Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance

WAGO’s high-performance touch panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve machine and system operability while offering an outstanding design and advanced technology.

Your Benefits:

  • Powerful Cortex A9 multicore processor
  • Three product families: Standard, Advanced, and Marine Lines
  • Software functionalities: Web Panel, Visu Panel, Control Panel

The Right HMI for Every Application

An Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance

The Visu and Control Panels provide the perfect solution for high-quality visualizations. Optional screen sizes perfectly display information for a specific environment. The resolution is now higher with Full HD for displaying data in greater detail – thanks to the onboard visualization – without sacrificing response time.

Practical features such as an energy-saving standby function, integrated sensors for automatic brightness adjustment an easy-to-mount design simplify installation and operation. All Visu and Control Panels are equipped with the future-proof Linux® operating system and are Docker-ready.

WAGO Touch Panels 600

Ready for every application with the WAGO Touch Panel 600: Depending on the application, we provide you with the right design in various interface configurations and sizes. Choose from our three product families according to your application requirements: Standard, Marine or the Advanced Line

Standard Line

The panel with resistive touchscreens for standard control cabinet applications simplifies control and visualization tasks.

It is available as Web, Visu and Control Panels in screen sizes ranging from 4.3 to 10.1 inches.


Marine Line

Our “Marine Line” panels are ideal for shipbuilding applications thanks to special approvals. Benefit from numerous maritime features – such as the reflection-free matte black surface, the “dim-to-zero” function or the brightness control, front LEDs and the internal beeper. The certified compass distance per EN 60945 also allows use on the bridge.

They are available as Visu and Control Panels in screen sizes ranging from 4.3 to 10.1 inches.


Advanced Line

The multi-touch panel with a glass surface is equipped for more extensive requirements where greater mechanical and chemical resistance is needed. The capacitive touchscreen provides more intuitive gesture recognition for quick actuation by gloved hands.

It is available as Visu and Control Panels in screen sizes ranging from 7.0 and 10.1 inches.


Your Benefits at a Glance

High Performance

Parallel execution of computing operations thanks to the Cortex A9 multicore processor optimizes operating speed.

Open and Flexible

Ready for any application! The Linux® operating system offers the option of programming in IEC-61131. The variety of interfaces leaves little to be desired and supports many applications.


By using libraries, the WAGO Control Panels become touch-enabled IoT devices that can send data from the field level to the cloud.


Integrated SSH and SSL/TLS encryption methods are standard for establishing secure HTTPS and FTPS connections. A firewall provides additional protection against unwanted access.

Energy Efficiency

An integrated proximity sensor allows the visualization to be automatically re-displayed from the energy-saving standby function with a screensaver. An integrated sensor simultaneously detects ambient lighting levels for automatic brightness control.

Quick, Easy, Maintenance-Free Installation

The Touch Panels have no fan or battery, making them maintenance-free. In addition, they are child’s play with mounting clips, and the brightness is customizable after installation.

WAGO Touch Panels 600

Discover the high-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks for your specific application.

Functional Variants

Web Panel

  • Web-based visualization based on open standards like HTML5
  • High-performance automation solutions in connection with WAGO PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers

Visu Panel

  • Visualization of fieldbus data
  • Offloads the controller
  • Supplementary visualization via integrated Webserver
  • Integrated Web Panel functionality

Control Panel

  • Control and visualization in one device
  • Integrated Web and Visu Panel functionality
  • Supported fieldbus protocols: Modbus TCP, CANopen, EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • IoT-ready (MQTT)