WAGO Touch Panels 600

An aesthetic design meets high performance

High-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve the operability of machines and systems, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology.

Your benefits with WAGO Touch Panels:

  • Fast operating speed with the high-performance Cortex A9 Multicore processor
  • Three product families for different operating requirements: Standard Line, Advanced Line, Marine Line
  • Perfectly tailored hardware features for a wide range of applications
  • Scaled software functionalities: Web, Visu and Control Panels
  • Flexible programming in IEC 61131 or directly under the Linux® open source operating system
  • Standard connection to WAGO's cloud solutions with Control Panels

The right version with various interface configurations is available for every application.

WAGO Touch Panels 600

Discover the high-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks for your specific application.

Interview – WAGO Touch Panels

Class-leading performance and design – Product Manager André Kleine explains the advantages of WAGO's new Touch Panel 600.

Product Innovations

An Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance

Automation and visualization tasks are becoming increasingly complex. When combined with e!COCKPIT, the new Visu Panels and Control Panels provide the perfect solution for high-quality visualization. Their screen sizes of 15.6“ (39.6 cm) and 21.5“ (54.6 cm) are significantly larger than those of the current WAGO Touch Panels 600, allowing them to display more information. The resolution is now higher with Full HD for displaying data in greater detail – thanks to the onboard visualization – without sacrificing response time.

Practical features such as an energy-saving standby function, integrated sensors for automatic brightness adjustment and an easy-to-mount design make installation and operation simple. All Visu Panels and Control Panels are equipped with the future-ready Linux® operating system and are “Docker-ready” just like the current TP 600.

Overview of Benefits:

Visu Panels and Control Panels with larger display size and higher resolution

  • High-quality visualizations can be displayed with the new Visu and Control Panels.
  • Devices like the Touch Panels 600 are “Docker-ready.”
  • High-resolution displays in robust aluminum housing

Available: March 2020

Our Added Value

High Performance
Fast operating speed thanks to parallel execution of computing operations with Cortex A9 Multicore processor
High-performance WAGO hardware combined with the future-ready Linux® operating system; for complex tasks, you can choose between programming in IEC 61131 or directly under Linux®.
The e!COCKPIT Engineering Software, based on CODESYS V3, is used for visualization, programming, offline simulation, fieldbus configuration, recipe management and much more.
IoT Readiness
Using a dedicated library, WAGO's Control Panels become IoT touch controllers that send data from the field level to the cloud.
The SSH and SSL/TLS encryption methods are integrated by default for establishing secure HTTPS and FTPS connections. A firewall provides additional protection against unwanted access.
Multi-Touch Capability
Devices with capacitive touchscreens allow gesture recognition, e.g., swipe gestures for turning pages or zooming.
HTML 5 Visualization
The use of standardized state-of-the-art technology allows the visualization to be displayed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Energy Efficiency
An integrated proximity sensor allows the visualization to be automatically re-displayed from the energy-saving standby function with screensaver. An integrated sensor simultaneously detects ambient lighting levels for brightness control.
Flexible Interface Options
Different variants are available to provide the interfaces required for the specific application.
The black front plate on the marine devices absorbs incident light and prevents reflections.
Convenient Operation
Sensors can automatically adjust brightness based on a room’s ambient lighting conditions. The position of the screen setting buttons on the front side allows user-friendly adjustment.
WAGO's Touch Panel has no fan or battery, making it completely maintenance-free.
Quick Mounting
WAGO's Touch Panel directly latches onto the control cabinet via mounting clips for fast and easy tool-free installation.
High Protection Class
Thanks to custom-developed clamps, the front of the display meets lofty IP65 protection standards. This design flexibility makes the panel extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Functional Variants

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